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  1. I remember making a topic on the monster numbers for Exile II maybe 10 years ago — I had to check that thread and I still think the same! In dungeons in Exile 1, I recall the enemies respawning at a ridiculous rate. It was most noticeable in some of the linear dungeons (“I know I cleared this area out”) and did feel like a tedious slog. Sort of a false difficulty — you’ve already potentially cleared a dungeon, beaten the boss and horde, and yet you still have to deal with leagues of respawning critters. If you give Exile 2 a shot, the dungeon respawning is not nearly
  2. This is wild! I would not have guessed the game would have supported something like this, but I can imagine the work you needed to do to accomplish this. I usually like sticking to “stock” graphics but I will hopefully give this a shot later on. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Whoa — years of playing and I didn’t realize Wait as being different than Stand Ready (clicking on your active PC in combat — which I also like, as it hits an enemy if they walk into an adjacent square during their turn). So Wait will allow you to have your fighters effectively swap their place in the party action schedule but not give up their turn? Very cool. Have to try it out in person to see if it works how I am imagining.
  4. I'm just seeing the thread now but glad you are still giving it a shot! Don't give up! I've only ever played the Exile series with 6 characters, so I would say the extra two make a very very big difference. The prefab party is really not bad, but I like to have 3 fighters in the front line, 1 utility "rogue" (lightweight fighting, lock-picking, trap disarming, secondary priest spells), 1 mage, and 1 priest. My party is heavy on the fighters though ... that rogue could usually take the 3rd slot and allow for another stronger spellcaster. Some people make some exotic parties, but I
  5. Hey Ivan, thanks for sharing this method. I realized I started Exile 2 a bunch of separate times but never got more than halfway through the game, so I had a hankering to start playing it again today. Unfortunately, while the game ran very smoothly, any sound effects were oddly choppy -- they would seem to get cut off in the first half a second or so. A lot of people would probably say that the sound effects in Exile are not its strong point, but I got really nostalgic for them and I couldn't play the game without them! Speaking of, the outdoor "entering combat" tune in E2 has to b
  6. I third Major Blessing. Buffing your fighters and having them be unstoppable seems so much more SP-efficient than direct damage spells. In a long dungeon like the Tower of Shifting Floors, you might want to bring a lot of energy potions (and the Ring of Magery to regain SP if you have enough charges) so that you can keep your party healed and keep major blessing powered for when you have a decent amount of fighting. Although the Tower is a pain, the many walls mean that your blessed fighters can take down the golems with your weaker spellcasters hiding around a nearby corner, away
  7. Originally Posted By: trener Tnx....by the way they dont attack me anymore. Strange, but the problem is gone. Funny, but that is good! Maybe it is similar to towns, where they forget about your crimes after a certain amount of time has passed?
  8. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES I can only ever remember enemies with the Sleep Cloud special ability, not spell, using it. Oh man! I remember the Gorgon in E3 using it on me in the far Eastern coast (Gremlin land). When I first started playing the Exile games, I always cheated by giving my single character full stats/spells and amazing items . . . but when an army of Gorgon appeared, my one character fell asleep and would not wake up for the entire battle.
  9. Originally Posted By: The Mystic Originally Posted By: S M Adventurer Wound also deserves a mention. It is very useful for taking out monsters that are immune to everything This is actually one of my favorites from the Exile series. Apart from Shockwave (another favorite), it's one of the best ways to take out anything with a resistance/immunity to magic. I agree, Wound is great. I am re-playing E2 and am in the early stages on Chapter IV, so there aren't any real magic-immune monsters yet, but it is still great to give experience to the priest. Another spell I always like was Ice B
  10. I can picture some of the lower summoning spells (like Summon Beast or Summon Spirit) being interesting and useful if the game progressed a lot slower. But by the time you get those spells and have the SP to use them freely, it's easier and quicker to just run up with melee or use Wound/Fireball. Speaking of it, it could be interesting to have such a scenario, where characters and items were relatively weak (stone items!) and gained experience very slowly, so that the lower spells were useful and low-level monsters were more of a threat.
  11. I recently stumbled upon a good Exile: Escape from the Pit website at http://www.exile1.cjb.net/ This site has the most complete list of all the unique items for E1 that I have seen, so other players might find it interesting too! About the only item not on there that I remember is the "ice staff." The rest of the site is solid, too (except for the work-in-progress walkthrough, although I don't think it will be updated soon -- the site was last updated in 2000).
  12. Originally Posted By: The Mystic You might be able to change the display settings in the virtual Win98. Otherwise, try VirtualBox with WinXP or WinME; the Exile games should look a lot nicer. Thanks for the tips, I actually tried out your advice on the "Windows 7 Compatibility" thread on using DosBox with Win3.1 and it works out perfectly! I really miss Win3.1 too, so it has a nostalgic feeling that goes right with Exile.
  13. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel The Exile trilogy are 16-bit programs, I believe. Just so you know. Thanks, I gave VirtualBox with Win98SE a try and it works out! Only 16 colors, but the choppiness in Windows doesn't effect Exile in-game fortunately.
  14. Hello! I wanted to continue playing Exile 1 after a long break. During this break, I moved to a Vista laptop from my WinME desktop. I have the old Exile trilogy CD, but running any of the Exile files doesn't work, giving the message: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. I tried copying the installer and then running it in compatibility mode for Win95/98, but still got t
  15. I wonder how big the rest of the continent is... I have a feeling that the whole outside area of E3 (is it Valorim, or is that just one part?) is only a very small part. E3, and all of the Exiles for that matter, did a very good job of giving the world an epic sense.
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