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  1. Well I decided to be more decisive in my damage of my possessed team member, and that was the ticket. So your reminder of that key element really helped! Thanks!
  2. Yes, and that's what I've been doing for about 25 minutes. I'm thinking it shouldn't take this long.
  3. I realize Avernum 5 is a super old game and no one may monitor this site or keep up with the games or not. . . but here goes: I'm replaying it and am in the last stages of Soultaker's Pit. I understand that it's a tough fight, but I think something has gone glitchy with my game. I know you have to fight multiple skeletal warriors that possess your players one a time for a number of rounds. That's supposed to be followed by shades prior to fighting the Soultaker itself. I have fought the warriors for 25 minutes without getting to the next stage, and I'm wondering if that's how it's suppose
  4. I finished the trek through the defiled crypt, with all the Vahnati ghosts and finished everything but reading the pedestal scroll. It required more Vahnati lore than I had at the time. So now I have enough lore, and when I return to the crypt, I can't get the room open where the pedestal is. I did it once before, but don't remember how I did it. I've retraced all the route from the first time, but still it won't open. Do you have to do it all the first time through?
  5. I'm working through a replay of A3RW and remember there's some kind of time line to be able to finish the game. Would someone remind me how long do I have and also where do I see where I am in the time line? Thanks!
  6. No I haven't gotten the message about parts collected. The journal says to slay it and take the body to Ilsa in Pergies, and I've def gone to her. I'm afraid the time is close to running out, too. I'll try the killing idea you suggested. Thanks!
  7. I'm trying to complete the courier job of slaying a zombie and taking its body to a woman in Pergies. I've killed several zombies, but when I go see her, she doesn't acknowledge or accept it. What am I missing?
  8. OK, thanks. If I get out of the Anama, do all my mage spells reappear in my skills list?
  9. I opted to join the Anama for the first time and understand that piercing crystals are my only option for dispelling barriers. However, the crystals I have don't work on the stronger barriers. Does that mean the Anama can't access areas behind level 2 and 3 barriers?
  10. You're all right. . . I'm now seeing jobs. . . thanks
  11. Ok I'll check out both those options. Thanks!
  12. I'm doing a replay of A3 and have finished the first big quest. . . killing the monster creating the slimes in the pit. So far, there are no courier quests listed on the board in Krizsan, and I expected some by now. I've talked to the dispatcher and gotten the lecture about being on time, but no quests are available. It's been a while since my earlier play throughs, so I don't remember if it takes longer to start gathering those items.
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