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  1. I think that one is extremely hard, but possible if you get enough damage in before he can flee the last time. That is one of the scripted fights where actions occur as damage reaches a certain level. You can do them when stun or slow prevents the final part of the script from occurring. Sometimes your attacks will cause two scripted actions to occur as you go past two damage break points in the script.
  2. There are several scripted fights where you think you can do it differently, but you aren't able to do it. Some occur because Jeff altered them in beta testing so you can't kill a monster or others where the script read unkillable until you are at a certain point in the game like in Avernum 4. Enjoy trying to find a different way to do things and have extra saves from before when they don't work out.
  3. The sliths in Glass are friendly. All others are hostile and you might find someone that might have an interest in Gnass or the Castle. It has been too long since I played it and can't remember more.
  4. The cheat code iampoor - Gain 500 gold. using shift-d and entering it into the pop-up box is still the easiest way to fix the problem. Most of the other ways to fix it involve editing a script in the game. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It interferes with enjoying the game.
  5. Jeff hasn't mentioned anymore Geneforge games beyond the remakes.
  6. The level should have increased by 1. I just checked and that is what happened. The other stats stayed the same. Creation level = Shaping level in class + creation canisters and training
  7. Every canister and training level in a creation type increases the level of that creation. The remake does it to existing creations so you don't need to replace it like the original game. Having three levels in a creation type unlocks an improved version, so for a fyora you can make a cryoa. The improved version has slightly different attacks. It also is stronger in its stats..
  8. Not really if you already did the spider's quest. I can't remember if the Sage gives another quest, but this is a minor quest.
  9. Build up your essence pool for more creations and having a reserve for buffs always helps Shapers. More creations even if a bit weaker is better than a few that are stronger. As long as they hit, they are useful.
  10. Try rebooting your computer. I've had permission problem on text files that cleared up when I turned my Apple computer the I turned it off an d on again.
  11. Welcome back to the insanity. Some of the moderators are trying to fix the host's lack of consideration for our honored traditions of custom titles and humorous ranks. Moving the cursor over the badges brings up additional information. Please stand by and enjoy the test pattern.
  12. Depending on the creation, the strength or magical upgrade will improve the melee and/or range attack. All of them will improve the creations level which increases all the abilities equally. It is best to increase the entire row of five to maximize your creation so it can do more damage and have more health so it doesn't go rogue as often. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Sanity is highly over rated. This is probably a holdover from the original game. But intelligence should reduce the chance of a creation getting hit with mental effects.
  13. If the door doesn't open to you with mechanics and living tools, then it is only opened by Control 3. There are several doors that require feeding Control 3 and asking for the servant mind to open them. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. If we get enough sanity deposited we may change the world.
  14. You have to make three separate trips between the two places to move a dead bug each time.
  15. Kickstarter 2 update: I am Groot. Now I want the raccoon sending you off on quests to get things. Disney wouldn't like it.
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