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  1. The search function is rarely useful which is why I do a brute force search scrolling down the pages of topics to find what I want. Even entering the exact title of a topic doesn't work.
  2. There are a few places where secret doors and passages are triggered by events that have dialogue messages that will indicate it is one time event. These are usually monster ambushes where they won't happen again, but what you mentioned shouldn't be happening. I did that place the first time through so I can't help you with that location.
  3. When you have essence tied up in creations, you can't get that back as long as the creations are alive. When they die or absorb them, then you can get the essence used in them to make new creations or cast spells. Increasing intelligence will give you more essence.
  4. You can try to find a cheap, older game that can still run on your computer. Something other than Spiderweb games that will give you hours of mindless fun and that you won't care if you ever finish.
  5. Yes, the fake Anama rings are there to let you get past certain barriers in Shaydar. Of course this will cause other problems. There are ways to remove them so you can go back to getting spells. You don't need the highest ranked magic spells to finish the game. It's just a desire to do everything.
  6. I tried seeing if not killing certain monsters like dragons made a difference, but it wasn't that.
  7. You need a higher reputation. It doesn't matter how cute you are, all they care about is your rating.
  8. You will meet her a few levels lower in the Library.
  9. You don't get entrance to the Spiral Entrance until after you reach Fort Foresight, then you get to go to the northwest area of Svar's Peninsula.
  10. This was the topic about CPU usage that I was referring to that got fixed in later versions: https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25044-bug-100-cpu-load-while-playing-queens-wish/ This was the topic about pauses from off screen monsters, but doesn't cause game crashes: https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25159-pauses-in-combat/
  11. Jeff admits that he isn't a good programmer so his games use more CPU time and resources than they need. It's why the games cause the computer to heat up.
  12. It depends what you have said and done there. Items are marked as NY for Not Yours should be takable after you kill everyone in the area near them that have them in sight. They may not while someone is alive. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It will just confuse you with rational behavior.
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