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  1. You cannot equip items if your weapon skill included points from items like the Guardian Cloak.
  2. You should get the Shaper's Belt as a reward in your inventory. If your inventory was full then it should be on the ground,
  3. The maximum level in the game that you can reach is 21. Depending on whether you read every codex and used the creation canisters as you found them or saved them for later since they always give 25 XP each, you might fall short. Using and/or destroying gives the Geneforge gives about a level depending upon your current level. You can reach level 19 before that doing all the other zones like you have been doing. The Inner Shaper Crypt gives more experience and if you wait long enough the creations respawn for even more. The Sholai in the remaining places give decent expe
  4. It's a south section that is east of the cell where you were imprisoned. It's been years since I played so I don't remember which side of the Crystal Soul room it is. There should be a sign or at least a rakshasa that you fought to identify the rooms.
  5. It's the way box mines and mine triggers were set up so they reset when you leave the zone. Otherwise there was a bug that leaving before you did them turned off the others/ The message means you can skip through the zone using the world ,map instead of crossing an uncleared zone. You can enter the zone from the east side and just remove the triggers along the north edge to reach the pylon you need for the Secret. The loot should have been picked up as you went through or just remove the fewest triggers to get to the loot.
  6. The only place that it fails is Holding Two where the turrets trigger combat mode before you can do both.
  7. You have to do them out of combat mode. Click on one to move towards a trigger, then move the cursor on to the next trigger so when you do the first you will be able to do the next. There should be enough time to get the second before it triggers. Save often because it is hard even with practice. It's easy to click next to instead of on the trigger.
  8. Golems are up in the northeast near Gale. Although almost all of them are a specific type so I don't know if those would do. I don't think anyone fond the save game location to delete Job board quests.
  9. No, but you don't need them because there are other ways to deal with the problems in the last part of the game. You don't get experience for feeding most servant minds at the end because you are too high a level or you can come back later to do it when you find mind nutrients. Welcome to Spiderweb Software, Please leave your sanity at the door.You only will get confused.
  10. I wouldn't rule out file corruption since during beta testing Jeff said one of my bug reports had extensive save game file corruption This was on a new computer using OS 11.2.
  11. It's a bit early to know since he is still finishing the iPad version of Geneforge 1 - Mutagen. I'd give it 2 more months before we hear anything. He did start Queen's Wish 2, but at this point it's probably a few zones and the game engine with whatever changes he's made based on players's comments. Just enough to test it and the rest is notes for a plot and maps.
  12. Using experience works in the Mine Core where two adjacent levers are one mechanics level apart and the experience difference is 4 XP. In the GreatTemple with the containers in the room south of the Shaper Gloves, the difference in mechanics is much greater, but the experience difference is less. It is easier if you have the patience to use the retrain cheat code to reset your skills and then incrementally increase mechanics to see how many levels it takes to decrease the living tools needed and then the final to do it without living tools.
  13. If I remember it correctly, the lower mechanics door is on the approach from the Central Labs and the other two are from the West Gate direction. So once you get through from the harder direction either from the Central Labs or fighting your way through the poisonous vats, the easier door lever is your reward. Jeff has a door in Holding Two which is mechanics 12 on one side and none needed on the other. I tried to hold off on some doors in a play through so I could retrain to find the exact number. But it just wasn't worth it since players aren't going to ever get that high.
  14. It seems a bit more complicated than that since for cases where the lock level is in the upper 20s you don't need as many living tools as just 2 times your mechanics level. I used retrain cheat code so I could put all my skill points towards mechanics to find the exact mechanics that would open doors. The locks needing more than 3 living tools are extremely high to encourage getting the key.
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