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Found 5 results

  1. I currently have 8 and there's still 2 other playthroughs I need to do. Unfortunately I don't remember everything I did for the codes except for a few. It seems one difference can change a majority of the code(?) I don't have the time to look into what the codes may mean, but if someone figures it out I'll credit them and add it in. QW2cjqbfrbcahfb- queen was very pleased with my actions/words, Ro didn't hate me, didn't fight at Prova Krug, possibly ordered a cautious approach(?) QW2cjbbfydaabgp- QW2cdqafjdxbxeb- QW2cobvfodwbfdq- QW2cfbhftduherb- QW2elbbfqdyhwwp- QW2glqcfbdshygn- QW2esbbfsdihfud- dreamed with Nisse and wanted strong influence, fought at Prova Krug(only the wolf and her members wanted to fight), ordered Ro to be crushed, queen and family very pleased with me
  2. Does anyone have tips for the final Prova Krug fight? My characters are level 17, and I'm playing on normal. Both the Kranas and the Dhaga challenged me, so my energy going into the final battle is about 2/3rds to 3/4ths my maximum energy. I also have most of my consumables (about 4 of each type of scroll and several potions with restoration or group medicine). Is level 17 too low? I noticed the enemies are level 20, and I'm consistently taking damage in the 20's and 30's.
  3. The first half of the game, the Queen basically said I'm being too "nice" to the Ro. Now I'm close to completing the main part of the game and Delia comes crying saying I'm being too harsh. I'm not understanding how to make certain choices to "balance" the game. I don't think I sentenced anyone to death(?) and I usually try neutral/reasonable responses if available. Basically what I'm asking is, when should I be more harsh (and to who) and when should I be more reasonable? edit: not sure if it matters but for reference, I'm choosing to serve Haven(as per my code/QW1 playthrough) and trying to make choices that benefit Haven
  4. Hello all, I finished QW2 a few days ago and I can't decide what I think of it. I loved the first QW, I finished it at least six times and I was so satisfied with the outcome of my last playthrough that I still have the savegame just so I can just go stroll around in there a bit. I don't know if I will play QW2 a second time. I do enjoy the moral ambiguity of SW games, and I knew there would not be a completely satisfying ending. I ended up with the Ro liking me fairly well and my family considering me a complete bozo, which is fine. But in QW1, there were a few major decisions that seemed easy to make and had a real impact on the game world; I was never going to support the Mascha, for example, and my decision completely flipped the power structure in the Vol. In QW2, everyone is so hostile and/or unpleasant that I didn't really want to be there, nothing really changes, and the war happens no matter what, so what was the point? I understand that the mission is a frustrating chore for the character, but it shouldn't be a frustrating chore for the player. I play on Casual, because I don't like to minmax and I don't have the attention span to fight the same boss half a dozen times just to figure out the right tactics. But some of the quests seemed too easy even for Casual, as if they were thrown in to provide busywork or plot advancement but had no tension of their own. These parts of the game seemed rushed. I do not like the puzzles, at all. I am bad at puzzles, and some of them I couldn't figure out even with the diagrams in the hintbook. In QW1 there were far fewer puzzles, so it was less of a problem. I'm not sure there are any that you have to solve to complete the main quests, but you do need to solve some for some of the cooler optional quests like the Harvester I think. I really just want to see the story and I would prefer a puzzle override control that just assumes my super-educated character figured it out. I really wanted to see my decisions play out in the game world to a greater extent. The character's decisions about the governors are supposed to be one of the two most important quests, and I was really anticipating booting out Yvette, but even after my victory at Prova Krug she is still there, dismissing my efforts. You don't really find out about the results of these decisions until the endgame, but I wanted to actually see them. I feel like in QW1 you could actually see your efforts pay off sometimes -- you clear a mine and then later on there's someone working the mine. You decide to support the Trench Towns, and then there's at least an indication that a transition of power has begun. I know Jeff is one guy and he can't write dialogue for every single thing you do, but I found this very unsatisfying. So I don't know, it is an interesting game but the payoff did not seem to justify the effort that I put in playing or the effort that the character put in adventuring. This is a game I play for enjoyment. I don't need a game I play for enjoyment to remind me that most of the time the death machine just rolls on despite the efforts of individuals. I don't need every game to make me an Avernum III-level hero, but I'd like my character's efforts to clearly matter in the game world.
  5. In previous games, you could change your controls so that the arrow keys scroll the map, but I didn't see that option for Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor. Did that option get removed for some reason, or is it located in a different place? For reference, I am playing the Steam version.
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