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  1. I guess this thread has run it's course, although I would appreciate it if it was left open in case someone later comes by and may know the game and can answer this age old mystery. I will post more if something else pops into my head, although I did narrow down the year I had played it and the possible system. I would like to thank everyone who tried to help. Also if someone knows of the other two games I mentioned earlier, I would appreciate the names on those as well. Thank you.
  2. I'm the same way, if something needs to be done, do it now, not later. I never understood resolutions anyway. If you are going to wait till the end or the beginning of the year, it probably is not worth doing and you most likely wont do it or keep up with it anyway. And since someone mentioned sweets and dieting... Sugar Coated | TVO Docs - YouTube Edit: Not sure how to make a YouTube video show up as a video and not a link. Sorry.
  3. If one person learns it in the party, does the whole party benefit from it? Cave Lore states the more of it in your party the better, but does each member have to have it in order for it to work or one person in the party, could in essence, just load up on it and it would count for the whole party? The Luck description does not state specifically the party will benefit. I am just confused on how this works in game. A little bit for each character is better, than just the one loading up on it? Thank you. Edit: Mostly asking for Avernum: Escape the Pit, but if it changes betwee
  4. And the Enter key as well. 🧐 I did not think about it, until you mentioned it and I find myself really using the mouse pointer over the letter keys anyway. I guess if there is no way around it, there is nothing else to do, but stretch my fingers half way across the board in either direction... 🤗
  5. Is there a way to switch the active person in battle, so they have to wait until the rest go and then themselves, opposed to just them basically losing their turn or forcing a move you do not really want? I see in the options you can have the game either play with who is in order from top to bottom or who is the quickest with their stats.But there are plenty of times I want to shift one character who is more useless at that moment, for another in any given situation and not lose that turn. Kind of like how the game Sid Meier's Civilization does it. Until every unit has their turn, you can skip
  6. It seems I can not go to another page in the forums under any particular section. Not in this one, not in the tech one and not in Avernum and I am sure the rest as well. I click on any given page number and it just reorients me to where the page number links are just reaching the top of the screen, as if trying to center me. I click on the page skip option and type in a page number, but I am still on that same page. I have even scrolled down to see if maybe it was changing pages, but somehow the pinned threads were of course just staying at the top 😅, but no, the pages do not switch. Is a
  7. Not really sure this is the correct place, as there is no need for any kind of specs on my part. And the games work, minus the whole Geneforge sound thing issue from before... but these games... seem a little too... stiff. Avadon, Avernum, Geneforge and not sure about the rest. I did not look at when these games were made, but it is beginning to drive me crazy that I can not click anywhere on the screen and continue on with the game. Or press G twice (my finger is already hovering over the key) or the inventory button again (my mouse pointer is already hovering over it) to get out of the s
  8. To be honest with you the thought had crossed my mind and I was afraid to say it, but knew someone would most likely come to that conclusion. No. I know it was a very hard monster in the very beginning of the game that would kill you if you were caught or ran into it and either could not escape or did not simply give it the ration of flakes. What I can not say however, is if it was an NPC itself or an actual common or rare enemy. Some of the older games are notorious for being hard and would out right kill the player if they made a wrong move. I only said it looked like the pr
  9. Ok so early 90's then. 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 or before. I am leaning more towards 92 or 93. You have to understand I moved over two dozen times before I was even an adult and was homeless in a car or living with family, friends or strangers (with my dad) for much of this. My memories fluctuate with when and where I was and what was happening around me and no doubt I have even blocked out some things... I have been to multiple schools across the country as a child, so it is hard to narrow down certain aspects of my life, even by "grade" standards... I think why I am so passion
  10. I do not know what you are insinuating, with this other person who just happens to be looking for the same thing I am... 🤗 Not much else and me looking through all these other games are starting to fry my brain and jumbling up details. 😵 Hehehe... 😅 The devil was either green or red. Yes I know two totally different colours, but at this point I really can not say. It resembled, as I recall, the demon or gargoyle from the Gameboy game "Gargoyle". Heck, maybe it was a gargoyle and not a demon or goblin after all. 🤔 Not much else to describe... the flake
  11. 😬 Geeze Louise that is a tuffy... hmmm... possibly early 90's. But again how old was the game by the time I played it? 😬
  12. Dungeon Master 2 can not be it. It was day time when you start the game and you were on your own, at least at the very beginning. Although maybe you could have team members and since we had no idea what we were doing, we skipped adding them to the party. But I am pretty sure you really do start solo. The graphics were a bit better, of course this was when I was younger and older games at the time probably looked better in my youth. I looked at the beginning of the game on YouTube and I did not see the demon/devil nor the flakes. Flakes were a starting item. I am pretty sure t
  13. I do not know if it permanently read to be flakes like a sign was underneath it or you had to hover your mouse cursor over it or click on it, etc. As I recall it was a clear bag with flake looking things inside. I know there were trees around and other NPCs or humanoid figures. Maybe elves. It may of been raining. It looked some what bright and colorful, but not in a cutesy way.
  14. Shhh... 🤫 that can't be me... 😲 I was way too polite... 😇 Back before the world scarred me... 😑 Thank you, but it was not Stone Prophet. That seems like an Arabian themed game to me or Egyptian. This was more medieval. Regardless what that "other" person said, I do in fact believe it was flakes in a bag and not flasks. Again I... or he could of been mistaken, but pretty sure it was flakes. Well let me ask about two other games as well (would of been three more, but I already found the one on YouTube a few months ago.). This was at the same time and place as I pl
  15. Thank you. I have been trying to find a game for a long time now. It was a PC game (not sure which system like an Apple or what ever else there was back in the day. I would just call it a PC, it had a large tower and graphics were not "that old school" ). Single player and in first person. You start out in or on the outskirts of a town. Part of your starting possessions was a bag of flakes of some kind of food, maybe potato.When you started your journey, one of the very first enemies you meet can kill you easily, a goblin of some kind. I believe it hovered in mid air. You had opti
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