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  1. Thanks for the input everybody. I am going to go ahead and get something started (in fact I already have), so when the game does launch at least some of the basics will be out of the way. Here's what I am doing: I want to use a hosted wiki; I want my effort to go towards finding and organizing information, not on the minutiae of hosting a wiki. My favorite game wiki site is gamepedia; however, it appears that they only allow people directly associated with the game (developers, publishers, etc) to create wikis. My next favorite site is fandom; there are several good wikis there for other
  2. Yeah I totally get that. Honestly I wasn't really expecting the current big contributors to sign up for a bunch of extra work. I thought there might be a few other people like me lurking on these forums: want to contribute something to the community; don't feel like they have the expertise (or quite frankly the patience) to produce the kind of analysis that others on these forums already do; see the potential value in a well-constructed wiki; and willing to put some time into finding and organizing information. Fair enough. My experience makes me quite wary of projects ow
  3. I'm still really confused as to where you are getting this from. Did I say anywhere that what the members of this forum are doing is wrong, or not valuable, or should be discontinued? I don't think I said anything like that; and if that is the impression I gave, I apologize for not choosing my words more carefully. What I have done, so far, to make the wiki a reality is start this thread. Why did I do that instead of just starting the wiki myself? Because it's not about a personal vanity project. I don't want or need to make all the decisions. I definitely cannot do it al
  4. Having searched the forums and seen the hostility with which previous wiki suggestions were met, I was afraid of a response like this. Nevertheless, it is disappointing to see. How else could I have made my case that would not have come off as complaining? As I said in my OP, the various Strategy Centrals represent significant effort by (mostly) a small number of people and have been invaluable. Even before information and advice started getting collected in Strategy Central, your Slartanalysis threads and Synergy and Randomizer's item threads (among many, many other usef
  5. Hi all, long time player, first time poster :) I have been playing Spiderweb games for over 20 years, I have played every series back to the original Exile (though not every game). TL;DR - I would like to propose the preemptive creation of a Queen's Wish wiki. Recently I picked A5 back up after 11 years (!) - I put it down after getting to Muck and finally accepting that my archer was going to be dead weight for the rest of the game. But I am pushing through it now so I can get to A6 (which, I am under the impression, is a better game; A5 has not been a highlight for me
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