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  1. It sounded like there was a way to end up joining each of the three sects, without being hostile to any of them? Does that seem right, or is it more a matter of juggling friendly-to-neutral status?...
  2. Sounds real good, thanks for the advice on the saves! Basically... when I said that line about my game getting ruined, I was worried about getting oneshot and having no idea it was coming, that sort of thing. It sounded like that could happen here and there, so I was just looking for warnings on tough spots or things that tended to catch people unawares. Hitting a 'wall' that causes an entire game to become null/void/unprogressable or missing something major that was from a quest 5 hours back, 18 hours into the playthrough, that has become locked/no longer available... things like that, that m
  3. I just wanna preface this by saying... It has been a long time since I heard of the game/played. Like, so long ago that I was a clueless kid that didn't really understand games in general. I don't know what caused this to pop up in my head again, but from what little I can remember, I'm interested in trying to give it a real able-minded playthrough. All I know about the game is I never got that far, and it seemed difficult. From what I've been reading, that latter bit seems pretty accurate. I can say that I'm pretty sure I'd like to give Shaper a try, though if I beat the game as that, I'm
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