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  1. Qinshihuangdi Emperor Wu of Han Cao Cao Zhuge Liang Emperor Kangxi Mao Zedong
  2. Ah thanks, I looked at that guide actually, but found it a little overwhelming. I've had another look, I got a better idea now, cheers. I noticed that there is some disagreement between Slarty's guide and The Reverend on Cave Lore. I guess playing blind, I'm going to miss quite a lot of random stuff hidden in odd corners of the map, so perhaps I should go with Slarty. I've already invested 3 or 4 pts, but that's not a disaster. Also, for melee fighters, what is the rule of thumb for "minus chance to hit %" vs "plus % armour" that you would willingly trade off? I used to assu
  3. Context I have played Exile 3 and Avernum 3 many moons ago, so I know the grand narrative of the trilogy, but I've never played the first two games in the trilogy in any of its iterations, so I'd prefer to avoid specific spoilers. However I am the sort who likes to know roughly what I am doing, even for a first play through, since I try to minimize reloading and accept the consequences of mistakes. I am playing on Normal difficulty, but I do like to keep to a personal rule of trying to do entire dungeons in one go without leaving and coming back (because it makes no se
  4. U disgust me man. Those poor people/slith/nephils have feelings too.
  5. It is easier to enjoy a game with flashy graphics than one without, hence it's a simpler pleasure. It's like the difference between reading a good novel and watching TV. The latter you can enjoy with little effort, the former you will find more rewarding and immersive. Avernum is like a good book.
  6. lol... u maybe talking about Avernum 6, but it cud be relevant for any decent game of this kind. To answer your question, I think people seek different things from games. Some people I know are obsessed with maximising performance in games, or 'beating the game'. Others play for simple pleasure, though I think that's difficult for a game lacking in graphics like Avernum. I think for me and you, the motivation is more in the escapism, to create a story as you play. I've kinda based my party on myself and a few friends, and given them roles and skills that I think suit their character
  7. I've since tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy a lot of food and wait...
  8. Speaking of gender, have you noticed that females in this game are very powerful (Erika, Carol, Rentar-Irhno etc), and often in physical roles (Miranda and several empire dervish characters). If I didn't know the game was made by Jeff, I might've thought it was designed by a feminist. Oh yeah, how's gender an issue for other races, surely it doesn't affect the game at all? Indeed there isn't even a choice for gender, u can pick a male name and then give them a female icon, and vice versa.
  9. Hi all, This kinda follows on from my question about pacing the game. I was told that the Tower of Magi disaster takes place around day 100 in Torment. I just checked that I can change difficulty ingame, I was wondering if anyone knows whether this messes with the game script at all? I am currently on day 86, and despite slowing down (exploring everywhere, resting every night even if I don't need to, and never travelling at night), I have already defeated the golems, so I'm likely to finish the game well before day 160. Would it work if I turn game difficulty to Torment at
  10. I'm sure somebody has mentioned this before, but the only previous thread I found was pretty vague about this... I wonder if somebody could tell me how long roughly the golems, alien beasts and endgame takes? So I can better pace my game. I enjoy exploring as much as possible (grey space just looks messy on automap, lol), but even so I think I am making progress too fast. I dealt with the slimes around day 10, the roaches around day 20 and the troglos and giants by day 50. No city or town in those affected provinces suffered noticeable damage (aside from those already ruined). After
  11. $10 is quite a lot for a hintbook, but considering how huge the Avernum games are and how many hours of entertainment u can get outta them, it's kinda worth it. I found that online walkthroughs (for A3 at least) are actually more detailed than the official hint book, but I prefer the latter, cos I just want hints, not have the entire experience spoon-fed to me.
  12. Let's be honest, in this day and age, the graphics of Avernum is very basic indeed. You don't get the pleasure of watching your wizard fry a horde of zombies with dazzling lightning strikes or see your character looking increasingly cooler as you find better armour and weapons that glow (I'm thinking about the Diablo series here). So, what attracted you to the Avernum series, enough that you'd bother going on a forum dedicated to it? I'll answer my own question first... the obvious answer is the fiction. Few games have created such a vast and rich world with believeable characters and plo
  13. Thanks guys. I'll probably avoid the Cult of Divine Lucre then. They're annoying, but not annoying enough to get permanently dreadcursed for. (I don't use character editor as a matter of principle) Hopefully the other towns in Bigail will have forgiven me when I eventually decide to get Pachter's Plate. If not, I'll just destroy the Island and explain it as some sort of Avernite invasion, condoned by the Empire, to 'create space' for an Avernite colony on the surface. Does anyone know what the mechanism for blademaster is? In A3 it is ridiculously expensive to train in it (300
  14. Hi all, I'm pretty deep into my game of A3 (great game) and doin quite well... currently exploring NW Valorium before I plunge into the Golems. I got a few questions I wonder if anyone can help answer... 1/ I raided the Anama quite early in the game cos their attitude annoyed me and I really wanted the mithril armour they have. Anyways, afterwards I realised I still need to go to the Isle of Bigail to get to Kneece for the Lair of Drakos. Now that all of Bigail is angry with me, is it possible for me to use the dock in Kuper without the character editor? Related to this, I'm co
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