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  1. I can't say I'm expecting much from Mr. Wheeler, Slarty. I'll be amazed if he does the right thing. I think in the scenario, Obama gets to play good cop to Wheeler's bad cop, while their intention is to effectively hand the keys to the internet to Comcast and the like. But sufficient public pressure can force a hand, because he's still a man with a personal ego, who might not want to go down in history as one of America's most despised. It's possible.
  2. America was formed through "radical political" actions. Over issues more trivial than a number we are sucking up today.
  3. I don't deny that they've done a pretty good job of putting a lot of us over a barrel, so that we have limited ability to "vote with our dollar." Believe me, I empathize deeply. Which is why it's becoming less and less hyperbolic to refer to the current developing socioeconomic situation (in America in particular) as neofeudalism. But it should be clear to anyone paying attention that in American politics, our representatives represent the corporations and banks. Witness the gutting of Dodd-Frank (the legislation that sought to protect us against Wall Street financial abuses), the "personaliza
  4. Because a threat to profits is the only thing corporations really respond to at this point, and "our" elected representatives represent corporate interests, not that of the citizens. If we want to change corporate behavior, we have to hit them directly—stop funding and rewarding their bad behavior with our money. Nothing gets their attention faster. It may be that nothing else gets their attention at all.
  5. The most powerful vote we have today is with our dollar. Some might say it's the only vote we really have left.
  6. What Jerakeen said. Daze is actually very useful throughout the entire game, depending on how you want to use it. I use Daze later in the game to ensnare large groups, especially in the many outdoor encounters with numerous foes. It is very effective at holding off swarms you know can only move one space the next turn, while your other PCs take care of business. Slow is unpredictable and I rarely use it. I like dealing with a sure thing / known quantity. Slow is most useful for dehasting a big nearby group of foes.
  7. There are several dungeons where you use boats. If one of the boats winds up somewhere you can't access it later and you really want to, you can always use the "resetboats" cheat, but you'll lose any boats you bought in the game and send them back to their original towns where you can buy them again. I could see this problem happening, for instance, if someone is in the habit of carelessly using the "backtostart" cheat when they've finished a dungeon...or even in Dharmon.
  8. You can kill Ssss-Thsss, the lizard king at any time you're able. Just don't report that you did it to King Micah before you visit Fort Remote and do the Fiery Pack quest for the commander there first. Almost every town lets you steal four things where you are seen, before turning hostile. Almaria gives you unlimited thefts, so loot everything in sight if you feel so inclined. The Randomizer Items List for the game will tell you the thefts permissible for each town. There are all kinds of tricky ways to optimally loot in friendly areas. In stores or barracks where the people and guards wa
  9. Armor, Speed and Invulnerable potions/elixirs are very useful in a pinch in this kind of battle. I often forget to use any anyway. Speed potions are especially nice at key moments. I made sure to get my fighter, then magical PCs up in skills to be able to cast Adrenaline Rush. The power of a quick multiple three punch up front attack is formidable—you can clear out a lot of the battefield before the battle even begins. Using Adrenaline Rush is an awesome thing. With Drath, that meant taking out the other undead around him very quickly, then of course it was down to the grind of endurance and r
  10. What Randomizer said. I use them to keep my PCs levels balanced normally, so they all tend to level up at the same time. But it's nice to keep at least one or two on each PC to give at least one of them the option of doing a quick level up in the middle of a situation where you have run out of spell energy. It's a wonderful, and especially gratifying little exploit.
  11. I just replayed this on Torment with a party of four and like you guys, forgot to drink the invulnerable punch when I got to Drath. I managed to avoid using any invulnerability potions too. But I did have a tank priest up front who could stand next to Drath and absorb anything he dished while my ninja strong melee fighter whacked at him, being healed or rebuffed by my tank priest who had massive endurance, intelligence, hardiness, some resistance and armor. I also had haste at level 3, so I could induce battle frenzy fairly often. My other two PCs were a strong mage with a minor in priesthood
  12. I, for one, am very pleased Jeff bothers to upgrade/remake his classic games. I like to revisit old faves, and he keeps getting better at crafting many aspects of the gaming mechanics and removing much of the pain, like the multiple dungeon trips of the early versions. I consider the bottomless junk bag to be metaphorical. It represents all the trips you would actually have to make to one place to round up all that equipment you can sell off, but hate to have to slog through in real time—not that you are literally carrying 65 pieces of armor and weaponry all at once. I pushed Jeff heavily and,
  13. I've reposted the original map jpegs + the entire map as a whole and updated the links. Everything is working in the original post, except I don't remember how I got the tabbing format to work in the coded part.
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