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Found 8 results

  1. Just tested Spellcraft vs Battle Magic in Drypeak Gates on fyoras and thahds. 19 Spellcraft and 1 Battle Magic = ~110 dmg. 1 Spellcraft and 19 Battle Magic = ~65 dmg. So Spellcraft and Battle Magic aren't equal in damage levels as everyone here seems to think. What I wonder is if this is true in other Geneforge games as well?
  2. Forewarning, this post contains spoilers for later parts of Geneforge 1. If you haven't played through Geneforge 1 yet and wish to avoid spoilers, now's your change to click away from the page. More context in the spoiler, but to summarize I killed Sniff in Wooded Valley and I need to revive him. I don't care if it's through legitimate means, a cheat, or even modifying my save to reset the entire zone. Loading an old save is doable, but it's my last resort.
  3. Lately I've been replaying the older Geneforge games, and it occurred to me to assess what exactly the canon G1 PC was like. So let's begin. In canon, though we have no direct proof of this, it seems likely that the PC used all the canisters he could. He'd need them to survive the dangers of the island, and he never suffered the control issues that others did as a result of canister usage. Assuming he did those quests which improve your primary stats, and not counting items, he'd have a minimum of: Strength: (2 minimum base) + 4 (canisters and quests) = 6 Dexterity: (2 mi
  4. So, I read a few things about this. Looked at these threads: G1 - All mines areas stay red http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/16293-g1-all-mine-areas-stay-marked-red/ Can't clear Northern Mines in Geneforge 1 http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/14076-cant-clear-northern-mines-in-geneforge-1/ I guess there was a patch at some point that on some level fixed this as a bug? I have 1.2 of course so that can't be it. I have the Western Mines, Mine Core, and Eastern Mine cleared (green). As soon as I got the Servant Mind in the Mine Core going, all
  5. So I've finally decided to replay GeneForge 1 and go through the effort of touching all the stone pillars. And I found the lore behind the Shapers and Sucia to be incredibly fascinating. How the Shapers went from shooting magic radiation at their enemies to give them cancer to discovering Genes and self-sealing (although not many people know either fact) I love the irony when the Shapers denounce the natives as backwards savage, only to not only be their descendants but some have also repeated the Sucians' mistakes (attempting to transcend death via necromancy). I'm sad that there
  6. My point here is, I liked some stuff like the combat better in Geneforge 1 (for now, as I haven't tried to play the others) than in Geneforge 4 or 5. I mean, hey, my fyora's ranged and my firebolt misses like 60-70% of the time and enemies are tough as stone. My encumbrance is to the total items in my pack, unlike in the later games where I can carry 999999999 tons of rock but as long as I don't equip it, I can still walk. Also, I remember in Geneforge 4 that you had to kill worms before killing shaped creations. Geneforge 1 made you kill fyoras early in the game, plus, I learned a tactic
  7. First off id like to add I did indeed look through the forums for an answer before posting this. That being said here is my problem. Ya know how in the beginning of geneforge 1 there is a shade which you can talk to that eventually fades away? Or the rogue roamer that runs off. Well, in mine they ain't there. Also it may just be me, but the walls seem different. For years and years I played the geneforge games, love them to death lol. So I know I aint goin crazy. Anyone know what the problem is? My system is a Thinkpad Windows 8.1 64bit AMD Radeon HD 8450g 2.9ghz dual core.
  8. Is there any way to do this without taking a hit? My shaper gets torn apart by them in one hit since I've dedicated all my skill points to creations and healcraft/blessings and they seem to block every way forward.
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