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Found 6 results

  1. There are items all over the place I seem to be able to pick up with no problem, those marked NY (Not Yours?) that I can take and those marked NY, but that I can not which are generally in the view of someone standing near by. I am not sure I understand the process. I've taken stuff marked NY from a locked room, even worn it such as a shield and spoken to the character it belonged to and nothing happened. So what is the purpose of that? Do I get punished by my superiors later, even though no one seems to know I even grabbed the stuff? I usually play a good character my first time through so I do not steal. But quick saving to test it out, is not giving me any negative results. Am I missing something? Does it even matter game wise?
  2. I have my warrior encumbered by a few pounds. Not a lot, but it does not seem to be slowing him down or doing any ill effects. He can still move, still fight, still hit his target and still heal on his own after a battle I believe. What exactly does being encumbered do and does it depend on how much he is over the line that it effects more things?
  3. Is the get command "G" only on the lead character's surrounding area or all of your party members areas as well? For instance if I had a long line or a triangle area so to speak with my formation, would I cover more ground or the command only works with my lead character?
  4. Do unused leveling points disappear permanently? I got to lvl 5 for my sorceress and I raised her INT, then did the middle tier for the point and then got my lock picking to 4 which is max and I have one point left from that leveling up transaction. I do not see the need to waste a point now when potentially next level I will have enough to buy another untrained skill for 2 points and then potentially use the point from last time I did not use on that skill I just opened up to me. However after leveling what I wanted and clicking the green check mark, when I go back just to see if my unused point is still there, it is either gone or can only truly be seen when you have just leveled and at the point and skill tree screen? Secondly I already unlocked one of the skill sets which took two points from before. I want to level that one particularly higher, but it wont allow me, saying I have to level the ones before it to level that one. But again I have already unlocked it, why do I need to level the skills I don't particularly need or want at the moment just to level something I have at least the basic knowledge in and want to improve? Thank you.
  5. What are the differences in the two? Healing Chant my shaman already starts with for 13-34 health restoration. Healing Touch has to be purchased, but gives the same description of using nature's power to heal an ally, but without the actual healing points shown. It costs two points to gain the ability and of course more levels in it give better things, which may make it more useful over all. But starting at level one as in just purchased, how much better is it at healing an ally? Also I guess it might as well be bought at least to the first level if I need it to be able to buy the very top tier ones if I am looking at the skill tree correctly... I am just curious before I buy that too soon, if it could wait, while I buy the others first.
  6. I have been meaning to ask this question for some time, but then I did not want to ask and ruin it for myself, but now that I have actually somewhat tested it in my limited capacity, I might as well ask full on. Do conversations matter in Avadon or any of the Spiderweb games? I know I will try for different responses as many as I can find to try just because I like the story and am curious of "what if...". Like with Red Beard I would answer and then reload or simply answer a different way with why I became a Hand to serve the Pact or for fighting or power, etc., as some will just keep going in a loop. Tanner which is a merchant in your first quest (At least for me, not sure if they are randomly given to you and the difficulty depends on your level.) outside of the castle is to see the dragon to help kill wretches and has two response you can give him when asking if you can trade. He says he gives a fair price and you can respond with that is all you can hope/ask for or to demand him to lower it. The nice response has him feel at ease with you, while the other response has him tremble. Yet I compare prices by reloading, as this conversation is not a loop and the prices are the exact same regardless how I answered him, friendly or threatening. The same thing happened when I spoke one of the "wives" of Red Beard in her own quarters. When asked how it went (with him) you can say you survived the encounter or that you were not afraid of him. She responds with that is how most people feel or that he seems friendly and passive at first, but than you will die or find yourself in the dungeon something to that effect. I reload it with the best answer I would normally give and just keep playing, as I do not know if there are any real effects later on... "One of my wives told me you did not fear me, NOW DIE!!!" Long story short do conversations have any real relevance to the game at all? I do not want actual spoilers mind you, like say "mid way there is" or "in this town", or "this quest", yatta yatta yatta. But does your conversation actually have any real consequences to the game in the slightest? You can gain an ally one moment or someone will out right attack you instead, at another? The one lady prisoner in the basement of the castle no matter how you answered she would fight you. Made it seem almost pointless in a sense or a waste of an opportunity. I understand why in that moment she did what she did, as in it was fate or the end result would be the same, she could not live or make it out alive even if "you" spared her. And then there was the part with her last dying breath you could trigger a response and waste it on something you already knew or she would give you a new small piece of information, although how important that actually was I have no idea. Sorry this was a bit long, but I had a lot to say. Thanks.
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