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Found 12 results

  1. Obviously spoilers ahead in this thread The best part of Geneforge games to me is seeing your character grow from a pathetic whelp to a one man (several creature) army smasher. The second best part is the wide variety of endings in each game impacted by your choices throughout the game. What are some of your most and least favorites? Bonus points if one of your least favorite endings is a “good” one. My favorite ending by far is from the original Geneforge when you 1. Use the Geneforge 2. Kill both “bosses” 3. Destroy the Geneforge
  2. How do I kill The Spire's Heart in the Golem Factory? I've cleared all 4 golem spires, but I can't actually damage the final boss of the factory, he's immune to everything. Edit: I've currently got the factory control panel set to: Furnace Draw: Pull Generation Intensity: Medium Approach Paths: FL-2 Shielding Lower: Off Grid Alpha: Off Shielding Upper: Off Grid Beta: Off Generator Fuses: Offline Grid Star: Off Thalen Intensf.: High
  3. I'm currently in Castle Andesite; my party has killed every creature in there and searched everything that could be searched (I don't think I missed something). They are currently underground; there there is a room that cannot be opened if they don't have the key and the key seems to be nowhere to be found. If they leave the Castle and enter it again, some of the creatures have respawned, which means that the real boss is not dead yet; it's probably hiding in that locked room. Does anybody know where I can find that key? Please post your answer within spoilers tags, tha
  4. Forewarning, this post contains spoilers for later parts of Geneforge 1. If you haven't played through Geneforge 1 yet and wish to avoid spoilers, now's your change to click away from the page. More context in the spoiler, but to summarize I killed Sniff in Wooded Valley and I need to revive him. I don't care if it's through legitimate means, a cheat, or even modifying my save to reset the entire zone. Loading an old save is doable, but it's my last resort.
  5. I have now played through the game twice. Once on casual just to monkey around, and once on torment where I had basically everyone focus on projectile/bow use. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and experience, as expected (I mean, E3:RW was what got me into Spiderweb Games way back when...). Now I shall offer some parting comments from my experience. 1. No more lockpicks, and pure reliance on tool use. I welcome this change, but breaking into rooms sometimes has consequences, and is also a noteworthy roleplay decision. Even though we're not using lockpicks anymore, I wish t
  6. Does killing him have an effect on anything in the game (the ending or the destruction of any towns, etc)? I've already finished the troglo/giant quest, if that makes any difference.
  7. I seem to be taking too long to solve the plagues. Since I've had experience with the other games in the series, I decided to play in hard mode. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. The town of Colchis was destroyed. I'm not sure if that would normally happen or if it's because I went to the Isle of Bigail before I discovered Krizsan. I believe part of my problem is that I stole a book from Ernest and he sent me to "hell" for my crime. Since I haven't been able to survive that battle, I've been doing lots of running back and forth. Now that I've reached level 13 and gained a few
  8. In the course of GF5, there are two examples of Ghaldring failing to act against someone or delaying to act, for no real apparent reason and in both cases there is the theory he does it out of sentimentality. SPOILERS AHEAD ***************************** The first is of course, Litalia. Ghaldring prevents Drakons from acting against her. According to Saakash, a lifecrafter working on new Unbound in the lab, Ghaldring nearly attacked Saakash once she cast doubt on Litalia. And if you kill Litalia for Saakash, he says that Ghaldring will understand, but she will inform him with a m
  9. First of all, I'm aware that similar threads exist but most of those are fairly old, and I'm not sure what the policy on necroing old threads is here. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with the Avadon series. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games though my favorite was definitely the last one. Throughout the series, I played with a Shaman as my main character on normal difficulty. In all of the games, I tried not to use the same companions for every mission, but some missions and other events sometimes made that a difficult goal. Avadon: The Black F
  10. I'm nearing the end of the game as I have the four tasks to do for melanchion. I was going to do the Darkside Loyalists quest first, but much to my annoyance, I find the entrance area of their fortress completely blocked with magical barriers. (Area west of Spire, go down the trapdoor, and it's the room with 4 loyalist archers.) While generally not a problem, I have like a 0 in mage spells (fyi: I did cheat in quite a few fights, but in others I didn't -- It really isn't as bad as it sounds considering you cannot join the anama this game (which was very annoying to learn like halfway i
  11. So I think I broke whatever triggers the ending. I faction-hopped a bit, ending with the Takers. I wiped out Barzahl, the Radiant College, the leadership at Gheth and Medab, and the Awakened labs. I helped the Big 3 with their plans, but when Akkat used the Geneforge, I killed him, Easss, and then returned to Benari-Uss Shaping and killed Rhakkus (who apparently can run away quite quickly!). Then I killed Syros. I returned to the loyalist encampment to see if any dialogue had changed -- the leader there acknowledged Barzahl was dead, but no dialogue changed for the drayk/drakon dea
  12. Chapter 1 Fort Ganrick [Game] Dig a Tunnel [Game] Escape the Tunnels [Game] Report to Vidican [Captain Vidican] Destroy Mysterious Barriers [Captain Vidican] Slay Nepharim Chieftain (XP, 400c, Shield Ring, 3? rep) [Captain Vidican] Visit Fort Draco [Gridley] Find Stolen Arrow Shipment (XP, 100c, Woven Silver Chain, 1 rep) [Gridley] Fort Draco Message (XP) Fort Draco [Anford] Bandits Under Fort Draco (XP, 150c, Woven Silver Band, 1 rep) [Anford] Travel to Formello [Kellia] Deliver Metal Bars (XP, 25c) [Harg] Deliver Marriage Proposal (XP, Warmth Ring) [Job Board] Valley Band
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