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  1. I do wish we could move creations and the player independently like the OG geneforge 1, only way is combat sadly
  2. I would love to see what fan made zones would be made and what they contain.
  3. I only brought it up because i heard someone was able to add new zone to Geneforge 5, and i heard rumors that someone was able to add zones to OG Geneforge 1. Also does Blades of Geneforge exist? (unofficially, i dont think jeff will make an official one because it would be alot of work and the modding community sadly wont migrate from Elder Scrolls and Fallout to check it out, unless we advertize the game like mad)
  4. More Creations you can make, more NPCs both friendly and hostile (as well as species wise), More Zones, More spells to cast, new mechanics via scripts if possible (might need a script extender or a really good coder), probably more quests too.
  5. I would love to see more mods made for this game, but the game just came out very recently so it will be quite a while sadly. I wanted to make a topic that could be a directory to mods made but i think there is only 1 mod right now so it would be pointless.
  6. Yeah you know what, i think ill just cave and get it, that way i get them all digitally and no more need for install disks.
  7. I have sent an email, i couldnt click on any of the "email me" links though as that just does nothing So i contacted orders@spiderwebsoftware.com to see if i can get help.
  8. I will give it a try, but in the mean time i want to know ways of getting it standalone (i still have the 1st and 2nd trilogy disks from back in the day so i dont see a need to rebuy those when i need 1 game)
  9. I think i bought the game back in the mid 2000s so i bought it with a dead email I hope they can offer to sell it seperately or something.
  10. I want to rebuy the game but i cant on the front page anymore, it says go to GOG but it gives me the entire saga and i only want to buy BOA.
  11. True, but i just want to make sure im powerful enough to beat Emperor Hawthorne. knowledge brew? Just plain old exp compared to the previous version?
  12. I don't mind grinding, who said rewards had to come easy? I wish to earn my rewards.
  13. i had a "walkthrough" tell me you stop getting skill points after 30. My versions is 1.0.1S
  14. Also i need to ask one more thing, Do you stop getting Skill points after level 30 or has that changed?
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