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  1. Hello Friends, Just a general question about a general topic - at least here. In fact, I'm sure this question has been asked before, in some way or another! Do we have an Avernum General Discussion area? Most of the time, Avernum questions get posted in the Avernum boards, which makes perfect sense. The problem becomes that there are... several boards now, as Avernum / Exile have been re-made several times! Therefore, general questions just related to the setting can get stuck in one of these boards, when the subject matter is really universal to Avernum or Exile at large - I've had several topics or posts like this. Consider that I live in the past, so I play the original (as far as remakes go) 90's / early 2000's games, and therefore post in those areas. New players probably play the new games. So, either my musings are just not interesting or worthwhile, or the sections of the forums I'm posting in just aren't really relevant. In any sense, with all the remakes of Avernum and Exile out there (and now Geneforge), will there ever be general series boards for games like these, or will there just continue to be a "choose which board you want to post a general topic in" and hope it sticks?
  2. Avernum is the first video game I ever played, around 2004 I think. I spent hours playing the three first games, I never player 4, 5 and 6. I was disappointed by the changes made to the visual aspect of the game; I missed the change of scale when you get out of a city in the first games, making the cave look a lot bigger. I own these games but I still don't know if I'm going to play them once. So, I restarted Avernum today and created a new party, two women and two men; they just arrived in the cave. Images removed by me, creating a new party... See below.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm trying to identify a game I played 15+ years ago! After much searching & research, I'm absolutely sure it's a Spiderweb game, though I haven't narrowed it down to which one. More specifically, I won't be entirely satisfied until I play the demo of it... because that's all I had back in the day. I downloaded a copy of Avernum 6 and Nethergate and was VERY excited. It may very well be an early version of Nethergate, but I'm hoping someone here can chime in. This was a demo I desperately wanted to back up, but couldn't, because it was too big for a floppy and I didn't know anything about file packing/splitting then. That computer self destructed like a decade ago (total hard drive failure) and any possible floppies long before that, so my copy is LONG gone. No idea where I got it, but I would easily bet money on the site also being long dead. What I remember: -Top down, isometricish visual style, identical to Nethergate/Avernum -I played as a Roman soldier, not sure if there were other options (it was a freeware demo) -You could pick up everything. Cups, rags, just absolute garbage for no reason. (again, Nethergate/Avernum staple) -Towards the bottom of the map, there was a goblin you could play dice with if you talked to him. (One of the enemy types in the game were goblins, so at this point you're accustomed to attacking them on sight.) If you lose enough and wanted your money back, or had just killed him outright, all he has on him are standard goblin drops and the set of dice. -To the West (maybe North West) the only way to progress is by crossing a bridge. Blocking this bridge was the Demo Dragon, who tells you you've reached the end of the demo and need to buy the full game to go further. You can continue to play as much as you like, just not beyond that bridge. I did grab a demo off the official site around 6 months ago, but it may be a remake (or at least a different demo) because it had a very similar progression stopper. I think it was a magic bridge? Literally a bottle necked bridge that tells you you've reached the end, please buy the game. Again, I was ECSTATIC to find Nethergate from a vague childhood memory and actual years of fruitless searching, but (if at all possible) I won't feel entirely validated until I run into that dice goblin & demo dragon again. Thank you for your time if you read this far! Any input would be super appreciated!
  4. How many of you guys really loved Avernum 3? The old version. My Uncle got me this game in 2010 with Windows XP AND Windows 7. I started playing it and completed it. WOW?! It was just a demo! So, I got the full version in 2015 or 2014, I think! And, I was in some province of the Troglodytes, but the game had a bug I don't remember. That's the reason for me to stop playing it. Now, when an update is out. I am just so excited! I hope it doesn't have a bug! The game was really stress free. OMG! I played it everyday whenever I got time. Not to mention, my pc was running whole day.
  5. Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome game! So much fun. Just like the Ultima and Wizardry games I loved so much. Anyway, best of luck! You have a neat sense of humor. I see tons of little jokes scattered throughout the empire. Best of luck.
  6. My fighter has 4 health potions in his inventory. I want to give out the potions. One for each character. How do I break up the 4 potions into single units? I don't want to pass all 4 potions at a time. Thanks.
  7. I was exploring the Slith Cavern (north of the small island with the wandering pack of slithzerikai shamans) and Portage. I made my way to the laboratory in the northeastern corner of the cavern. There was an experiment that had gotten loose -- a Runewarded Infernal -- subdued by the slithzerikai chieftain, Darkcaller Nuassa and a handful of cronies. I managed to kill the Darkcaller, the chieftain, the warriors, and I managed to pick up the loot (including the Radiant Gauntlets), but with one character remaining alive I had to undertake a strategic retreat to the nearby Fort Dranlon. I came back with my party buffed and ready, only to find that the Runewarded Infernal was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he had escaped back into the Nether. My question is thus: does anyone know if the Runewarded Infernal drops any loot at all? I really wouldn't want to backpedal an hour's worth of gameplay to a previous save. I usually save like a madman but this time it somehow slipped from my mind. PS. I did try to search the forums in case this question had been answered or not. Moderators retain the rights to move this post to a relevant topic, or lock this thread, in case it's already answered elsewhere.
  8. I reworked my original rendition of the Alien Blade from everyone's favorite* series. Take a look and let me know which design works better. *Unless you prefer Geneforge, to which I say that I do not share but respect your opinion
  9. Since doing the original review/look at Avernum, I've since figured out what I want my review style to be, and I wanted to take another look at Avernum: Escape from the Pit. My overall opinion hasn't changed, but I made a point of trying to present the game from a standpoint of "is it worth your money?" Let me know what you think, because I'm intending to do Crystal Souls and eventually Ruined World. https://youtu.be/8EXTRV5hvQc
  10. What are the level caps of the avernum trilogy remakes? Also will the level cap be higher in 3?
  11. So I took it upon myself to get ahead of myself and decided to e-mail our good friend, Mr. Jeff Vogel, basically bothering him and asking him how to 'Capture Soul' Erika, or why Prazac is such a [censored], and I asked him what was in the works after Avadon III wraps up, if they were REALLY remake-inceptioning Exile III: Ruined World. Good 'ol Jeffy simply said we hope to have it out next year, EARLY next year. So. Bottom line is I am excited af for this. Anyone else?
  12. So I recently bought the Avernum saga on GOG, and while 1 and 3 took a little while to apply the correct Wine version (since GOG's were inaccurate), 2, 4, 5 and 6 worked just fine from the beginning. However, Blades has a very... unusual issue. While it boots up just fine, it's apparently an unregistered copy, effectively making it no better than the demo. I reinstalled it, didn't fix it: though I did notice that the "Welcome!" message didn't pop up again, making me think this might be fixable by removing the save data (if it's not stored in the game itself). Either way, I'd appreciate any input on how this could be fixed. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Also, I'm on a Mac. That probably also affects some things.
  13. Hi everyone, I looked for an answer here but couldn't find one. Recently started playing Avernum again (which I knew as BOE when I was a tiddler), and a while back I got to the Annoying Hellhound quest. Of course, you have to be level 8/9 to spawn the hellhound, so I went, trained, came back, and killed it. I went back to Hrank at Fort Draco, and I couldn't get an acknowledgement that I'd defeated the hellhound. I've been back multiple time, even back to the lair. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing, or this is just an unfortunate bug I happen to have come across? Thanks.
  14. Hello to everyone, first of all, thank you for this incredible crafted game. The problem is that i'm no longer able to play it in my android marshmallow 6.0 device. I used to play it without any problems in a KitKat device. The reason is crash at start up. The device is brand new and made a clean instalation without any savegames etc. Thanks you for your response
  15. Im actually stuck just before teleporting from Avernum to go kill Hawthorne. Location: Text about being stuck: I dont know what else to do. I have 4/5 brooches, ive returned Khoths scroll and he taught me the incantation which i used in the barriers earlier. Ive talked to literally every npc across the continent. Pls someone help me i love this game i dont want it to end like this.
  16. I know the Ward of Thoughts, Ward of Steel, etc. spells are supposed to improve your defenses against various types of assaults, but does anyone know how they function or how effective they are? Ward of Thoughts certainly isn't remotely foolproof -- my fighters still get charmed routinely despite a level-3 ward being up. It's hard to tell how effective Ward of Elements is, too. The game doesn't tell you any hard numbers, of course (it seems reluctant to reveal its formulae in general in fact). A quick dig in the resource files didn't reveal anything obvious either. Any ideas?
  17. I've made a 7-minute video review of Avernum: Escape from the Pit. I believe it's one of the better ones out there, showing viewers what makes it superior to its competition while being honest and unbiased enough that it won't be viewed as a fanboy piece. Here it is: I've also made an in-depth review; the link is on the video review's description box. I hope newcomers will find this helpful!
  18. We see several pillows throughout the games, even some beds that look like they have mattresses, but there are no birds in Avernum to get feathers from and they can't grow cotton or straw. So what do they use for stuffing?
  19. It's been quite a while, and I'm sure with the new remakes some people's opinions must have changed. Let me break it down as to why I choose Exile as my pick. It is the series that got me into Spiderweb Software gaming. If it wasn't for the Exile II on my old neighbors computer, I might never have found my way here. (And I never would have found myself to many, MANY other places as a result. Literally my entire life changed when I joined Spiderweb Software. I've made so many other friends, including my best friend, as a result from joining this place.) I will never forget the fun I had playing Exile 2 on this old computer. I guess it being the first is one of the main reasons why it's my favorite. Now, I know what people say. "Oh gawd, look at those graphics." For its time, Exile was one of the best games I have played, And I think the graphics fit right in with the old timey feel to it. There's just something about swords, horses, and games like this that makes old graphics feel like they belong. The better the graphics in an adventuring game, the more out of place it seems. And finally, the mechanics. Sure, the inventory was just a little sidebar visible at all times. Not very asethtic. But it got the job done, and Damnit if I didn't just enjoy seeing the green name that said I was using a broadsword. Plus, the very best part, YOU COULD CLOSE DOORS. Combat was fairly intuitive, the enemy AI was splendid, and every fight was fun. There was 7 levels of spells that could be cast in both priest and mage, with around 10 spells in each level! And there were so many unique ones too. Such as removing/PLACING Magical Barriers, Quickfire, various levels of summoning spells, summoning a wall of daggers for freaks sake. The party of six felt much more natural than the parties of four, and carrying loot was a lot easier. One last thing. Bashing your head into every wall you find and getting excited when you find a secret. None of this button crap. That was the life. What did you pick? Tell us why in the posts below!
  20. Hi! I read on these forums that you should receive the quest Repair Demonslayer from Solberg however I went to his tower and went through all conversation options but still didn't receive the quest. I even talked to his cat. What do I need to do to get the quest?
  21. UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG REVEALED ! ! ! Okay I will tell you how to have unlimited health and spell points for the main character (Character #1). 1. Let the primary character get ill or lightning spell or poison damage that is consuming the health slowly. Once this character is damaged like this then you must continue to wait by holding space bar or walking (in town mode) on a locked door or something. 2. The character should scream but you will still have the character active. (Please remember to hold space bar key in non-combat mode/Town-mode or else your character will DIE) 3. The health should looked fully consumed and the spell bar should be full and you should not take any damage from any source! ~~WARNING: ANY HEALING WILL TURN OFF THIS EFFECT, Avoid healing Avoid regeneration AVOID FIRST AID stats (or remain in combat mode and interrupt the healing of first aid) No eating any food No combat allies that heal **ANY BLESSINGS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO YOU CHARACTER AFTER DEATH (bless before death) WARDS AND CLOAK (BEFORE DEATH) ARE OKAY! **Your character will be hit but no damage will be dealt at all. This is very good for tough bosses or annoying baddies. **Your character will be able to use multiple battle spells with no fatigue WHATSOEVER If you need any help with this bug please let me know. Slatibus please don't call me a troll again once you try this bug (Should it succeed). PLEASE VERIFY THIS BUG SOMEONE! ~LATERZ
  22. Just to show one of my Elite Characters. I found out that using dexterity not only reduces the chance of a character from being hit but also increases Bow Damage. This unfair advantage made choose 51 dexterity for my primary character which the NPCs aim at first. Notice the other stats are 1 in figure 1. and her Dexterity is clearly above the maximum. which is 51 but hers is 52. Having 78% armour on Torment mode still is like paper armour when fighting monsters and especially BOSSES. However I kill monsters using strategy and no potions, scrolls, or any of that useless junk. QUESTIONS TO ANSWER + TODO: Let's talk and I may not check this post, because logging in this forum is pretty hard for me. and I did not use any SHIFT + D cheats or anything but "manipulation"......... QUESTIONS 1. Does any one know how I did this??? 2. DID YOU FIND any other bugs??? TODO 1. Show me your characters if you feel up to it...
  23. I cannot for the life of me find where the file locations for the descriptions are for the Avernum games. (new and remakes) The special encounters or descriptions of places is what i'm looking for. They only show up once, so if I miss them or want to write something down, I can't. If someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction (whether to a location or a specific program to open them-preferably both) then I would appreciate it.
  24. Greetings, everyone! I have been playing Spiderweb's games for about four years or so now, and I have been lurking in these forums for about three years (I may even have made one or two posts, but nothing relevant). I recently ran a Google search, as well as one in these forums, for Geneforge or Avernum conversions to a Pen & Paper RPG. How many results did it return? Google returned one post (not even a thread) where someone expressed their interest on such a thing. These forums returned, if I recall correctly, one single thread where someone did a bit of conversion to D&D 3.5. I couldn't believe that was all. Now, why couldn't I find anything else? Was it due to poor search-fu? Or author rights matters? Or simply because nobody ever went through with it? wkwkwkwk1
  25. Which ones in the series are your favorite and least favorite and why? For avernum I know the third remake hasn't come out yet so if you say the old version of avernum 3 that's ok. For me Avernum 2 is my favorite because to me it's the most complex since you have to make sure you have the right passes before you can go anywhere. My least favorite is Avernum 6 not just because it's the end but because I have to keep starting over (due to being a perfectionist and wanting to get everything there is) For Geneforge my favorite has to be 2 because you could still play both sides or one side and then clear your alligence with the sects, thus going on a killing spree and make the council very happy. My least favorite is Geneforge 3, because I had a really hard time getting into the story of it and it seemed kind of not fully thought out, like it didn't connect with the others in the series Any thoughts?
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