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  1. All the trash is gone. Yaaaa! I admit that I still hit the G key every once in a while out of habit. Question: On the settings screen there is something called 'game area size'- small, normal, large.These settings don't seem to do anything. Do they?
  2. Just started and so far am very impressed. Seems very enjoyable and quite a relief from the Avernums. One thing is odd to me is that when an enemy is killed the body flies through the air and disappears. That's fine, just odd. I just cleared the mine to the west owned by Mugret(sp?) and had to kill some wolves on the way to the mine but received no experience for it. This I am not sure I like as it seems to remove any purpose or incentive to do so. Even a small bit of reward would stimulate incentive. Those are my pro's and con's so far but the pro's are far ahead. Looks to me like another win
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