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  1. Yes, that is why I have never mentioned it here. It is minor.
  2. I killed the spawner and reported to the woodsman in Pentil but the quest is still in my journel. I read somewhere that this happens sometimes for other quests as well.
  3. Thanks, I agree, the game does have a weird mapping convention. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it either.
  4. I don't know why I didn't see that southern path before. However the Servant Mind said he would shut down the defenses but the red pools are still there. Of course I could go up that path to the exit but rest of the area is still too deadly. I guess there isn't anything there worth exploring anyway. Thanks.
  5. Any tips on how to survive the Vats area? All those deadly vats kill me very quickly. They seem to be everywhere with no way through.
  6. Not on the easy difficulty. He shuts them all down doesn't he?
  7. I think there is a Mind that will shut down the pylons if you feed it. Those continually spawning things make it hard enough without the pylons. I really hate areas like that.
  8. I am really good at forgetting to keep an extensive log of saves so I can't load one. I may have sold the first Orb by accident. Inventory is so limited and there are too many items I wanted to keep in case I might need them in the future. The Orb probably went in my junk bag. I never finished GF2. I like Mutagen better.
  9. I remember killing the starving thadt but no orb. I just went back to the Western Wastes and searched all over with no luck I don't even have the other orb. I've done most of the areas too. It is boring to kill creations for no experience! Thanks for the help.
  10. There is a door on the far side that won't open. It is one of those blue doors with circles on it. Does it lead to another area and why won't it open? This area stays red so it must be the door as I've cleared everything else except the continuing respawners which can't be stopped.
  11. On some mines there is a gray spot, as we are told. What does this mean?
  12. I just checked my special items and yes there is a key called 'barren key' Alonzo must have dropped it when he died. Jeff doesn't miss a trick.
  13. Looks like I should have gone to the Ascended Lab first but it is too late now. I do not have a save. Actually I forgot about that Lab. I see that I shouldn't have killed Alonzo but he left me no choice since I didn't have the feather. Wish I had known this. I hate missing things. Thanks anyway.
  14. I got to the Barren Research area and was greeted as usual by hostility. Killed a few serviles and went a little further only to be murdered by a gonzo named Alonzo. I went away to stock up on stuff to hurt him came back and won- barely! Alonzo was worse than any monster in the game. Anyway I went to talk to the Mind then over to the Ascended Hall. A voice greeted me and wanted to talk but there was no one there. Anywhere. Where is he?
  15. That's what I wanted to know. Thanks.
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