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  1. I know the funamentals should be the same but the story is too, so far. I downloaded the demo from Steam. Shanti is taking me to Drypeak to see Zachary and Barzall, one of whom is supposedly dead. Minor quests of find the smart servile, find bars of iron. kill 3 bad rogues in area. I am hoping the story will change soon. I played Mutagen and enjoyed it but do not want to play it again.
  2. The demo for Geneforge Infestation is very much like Geneforge Mutagen. So far there is only a small difference even as to the quests. I thought it was so familiar that I installed Geneforge Mutagen and took a look. Yep, much the same. What gives?
  3. Thank you for everyone's help. I am out west now but it seems like I only have two choices: Kill hordes of enemies for very little experience or go east and get killed by the Sholai supermen. Maybe I should try the Agent to see if there are any powerful spells available to them. The Sholai seem to have the best of everything and my top of the line creations just get destroyed quickly. Daze and Air Shock are useless except on low level enemies--I have tried them many times. Maybe an Agent has some abilities to counter the Super Sholai? Or maybe I am just a bad player. But I have tried over and over with different tactics to no avail! Frustrated!
  4. So if my Cryoa takes a bite out of somebody or shoots him with a cold spray then both are considered magic?
  5. Cryoas have 2 or 3 magic upgrades. What value is this since they use a cold spray weapon only?
  6. Thank you. But it looks like I'm going to need a great many levels.
  7. A shaper on Normal difficulty with 3 cryoas and 1 drayk. At level 14 with all creations built up as far as I can go. It is very hard to get any experience now because I am too advance for most enemies. Even the Sholai give only a little experience. Finally got Airshock but it seems to be rather useless as it only does very small damage over a large area, nice for killng low level enemies but get no experience. Just found an area call 'Front Gate' and was slaughtered by many high level Sholai. To all you people banging through this game on torment--How do you do it? I'm bored killing tons of enemies for no experience. Thank you.
  8. Played several Avernum and Geneforge games but on this one I can't figure out how to light a candle for light. Same with food, how to eat it? I think I have tried everything!
  9. Yes, that is why I have never mentioned it here. It is minor.
  10. I killed the spawner and reported to the woodsman in Pentil but the quest is still in my journel. I read somewhere that this happens sometimes for other quests as well.
  11. Thanks, I agree, the game does have a weird mapping convention. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it either.
  12. I don't know why I didn't see that southern path before. However the Servant Mind said he would shut down the defenses but the red pools are still there. Of course I could go up that path to the exit but rest of the area is still too deadly. I guess there isn't anything there worth exploring anyway. Thanks.
  13. Any tips on how to survive the Vats area? All those deadly vats kill me very quickly. They seem to be everywhere with no way through.
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