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  1. I can't find this switch you're talking about either. Could someone be more specific or share a screenshot, please?
  2. When I explored Shayder and spoke to Irvine, I apparently skipped the dialogue option to get the quest to smuggle the suspicious package into Lorelei. So, when I got to Lorelei, Kendra told me to talk to Irvine. I went back to Shayder and got the quest from Irvine, but now when I speak to Kendra, I don't have an option to give her the package. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. This is an issue with Avernum 2 and Avadon 3 as well. Even after setting the game area to "Large," the game does not fill the screen at any resolution higher than 1920x1080. Jeff has stated this is because of problems that can happen when the game area is larger than that. It's very annoying for me, since I have a 21:9 monitor. Even if I scale it down to 2560x1080 from the native 3440x1440, It still doesn't completely fill the screen.
  4. These are all the defaults except for Quick Spell/Item 8. That is mapped to F12 by default, but I changed it, so I could use F12 for screenshots.
  5. Yeah, when I announced that the site was closing, Niemand generously offered to host a read-only backup of the forum on his site, so what you're seeing is a snapshot of what the site looked like the day it went offline.
  6. That's great. I'll go ahead and host that on my site along with the installer.
  7. Today, I have eaten two nutrition shakes, an apple, and broccoli, tuna, and rice with cheese sauce. I will likely have a snack later this evening as well. Like ADoS, I am also eating at a calorie deficit. Edit: I did have a snack. It was popcorn.
  8. I just fixed that. The review is now properly attributed. I copied over hundreds of reviews for that project. I wasn’t actually reading them all, especially that one, which was particularly lengthy.
  9. Yeah, I've typically heard them called "antelope" the same way bison are often called "buffalo," which also happens in that song. The terms aren't technically correct, but they are commonly used to describe the species.
  10. It works fine for me in both Sierra and the High Sierra beta.
  11. The unzipping function built into macOS works too.
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