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  1. "Oh, throw down your plow and hoe. Rest not to lock your homes." --- "The Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin "Arise, arise, seaman arise. Each does it in his own way: One thrusts the spear into a man, another then into the fish." --- English translation of "Reise Reise" by Rammstein Those songs popped into my head when I read your post, Thaeris. It may even be a weapon designed for withstanding inter-tribe ambushes, which the Slithzerikai are known to be skilled at. You're out in the shallows spearing fish, and the neighboring tribe decides you have better fish than them, and
  2. I said "slith spear graphic", not "slith holding slith spear graphic". I should have clarified that I meant the item though. I would have said "Exile I" if I meant Exile I only, but I should have clarified that too. I definitely specified that I was not aware of what the lore was one way or the other, but was speaking only of the graphic.
  3. Oh, that's really interesting. I wonder why some graphics were backported and some were given new graphics in the reskin. I always liked the old gold graphic more than the BoE gold graphic. A lot of new graphics for Exile 1 and 2 were not included in BoE for unknown reasons. I never would have suspected that an authentic slith spear would have been created for the older games, but replaced with an inauthentic one for the new games. Maybe it's because E3's Andrew Hunter graphics came first, and E1 and E2 were reskinned to match at a later date, and an authentic slith spear was made in that proc
  4. That graphic sheet is modified, but other than the bottom two rows and the pile of treasure, those are the original Exile 2.0.1 item graphics by Andrew Hunter, created for Exile III and backported to Exile I and II. I'm not saying there's any lore or reason to believe Sliths ever used tridents. I was just commenting on your statement about the Quag Keep king's weapon, and saying that the item graphic matched, accidentally though it was. I was just making note of something I thought was interesting and relevant to the conversation. Not relevant to slithzerikai lore directly, but sti
  5. Not the slithzerikai holding slith spears, I mean the slith spear item graphic, found in OBJECTS.BMP. (This includes some graphics created by me, which Celtic Minstrel thought would improve OpenBoE by their default inclusion, but the original slith spear is the second item in the second row.)
  6. I don't remember what the text in-game says regarding two versus three tines in Exile, but the Exile Slith spear graphic is clearly a trident.
  7. Oh, yeah, amphibiousness and spears would be a connection, and some of the Sliths live in swamps. I think the Slithzerikai overall are just as novel as the Vahnatai though, personally.
  8. Did those lizard people conflict with each other over demon worship, originate in deep caves, revere their ancestors with statues, or learn to speak the human tongue? I'm just curious how similar they are, not being familiar with Quag Keep. Just being lizardmen doesn't make them the same any more than the Vahnatai are just regular Greys.
  9. I think Nephilim are more like smart goblins than elves. Slithzerikai are a pretty fascinating addition to the world of Exile/Avernum too. They don't really line up with any standard race I know of.
  10. I am a longtime fan of mastodons. He's frontheavy and would fall over if his legs weren't extended forward a bit or given a bigger tail, but otherwise that's a really, really cool design. I love it. Like Alhoon, I'd rather see more options for lower tiers, instead of an extra higher tier. I'd like a slime to be added as a tier 1 creation. I love slimes. I created a lot of slime graphics for BoE. EDIT: Or maybe he walks on his knuckles like a gorilla, and is just standing up momentarily?
  11. Come to think of it, are we allowed to discuss this here? The rules forbid "unauthorized solicitation of other products". I'm not sure Spidweb CDs of freeware games are technically "other products" but I hope we're not infringing. TriRodent, since you say you have the CD, I'm wondering, are you aware of there ever being a CD with all four Exile games? I don't want to sell Nepharim Mage something they don't want.
  12. I wonder what you mean by "didn't take off"? There are over 300 BoE scenarios and for many years the community was very active. As I understand it made Spiderweb Software quite a bit of money too, both from sales and from establishing a loyal fan community. I have an Exile Trilogy CD, and I can probably sell it. I don't remember BoE ever being on the same CD as the Trilogy, someone who knows could correct me on that, but I have the BoE CD and hintbook too. Both discs are in excellent condition, with clamshell cases, and the BoE hintbook is in good condition. I've been trying to mak
  13. BenS, irreversible reputation tracker aside, your Shaper character seems like a lying, sycophantic hypocrite. If I was a Taker, I would steer clear of them too.
  14. Just a note: As I've been crawling through the game text to fix errors and improve helpfulness, I found that, if you actually read the Dumbfound spell description, it tells you plainly that it causes curse symptoms and doesn't mention Dumbfounded status at all.
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