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  1. That, in fact, does not make me feel good. 😛 But I'm glad it works.
  2. What host operating system are you running? You haven't said.
  3. Good ideas. I'll do that when my brain starts working better. Rough morning. I'll append "ModifiedLegacy" to the beginning of the filenames of the ZIPs, append "modified legacy" to each link on the web page, and specify that it's the thrown missiles bugfix in the readme, with the URL of the description of the fix, like I did on the website itself. I'll also mention that the Spidweb site files work but just don't have the fixes. I'll provide a link to the Older Games page too. I'll see if I can patch the Bash/Pick fix in BoE too, without disabling Instant Help. I wanted to make a tu
  4. http://www.bladesofexile.com/ I put this website up just now. It's very simple. BoE and the Exile Trilogy are hosted there, with some fixes. You can try downloading the games there. Let me know if it works.
  5. Sorry you're having trouble. From where did you download BoE? I ask because I wonder if you're playing an unstable copy of open-source BoE, instead of legacy BoE. The OTVDM software will work with legacy BoE. Try this, maybe? Let me know if it works. http://www.bladesofexile.com/
  6. Leave the town level and visit four other town or dungeon levels, then return. Or, press > to debug-reset towns. Leave town first. Thanks for playing BoE! (EDIT: I've been trying to find someone who knew the debug code all day, but I ended up just pressing Shift+every key until I found the right one. 😛)
  7. The screen magnifier built into Windows 10 can help. I recommend 200% zoom with no antialiasing or smoothing, if your monitor can fit it.
  8. Does the outdoor chitrach nest south of New Formello in Exile 3 ever get cleared out, if I kill the bugs enough times?
  9. It's usually called a "carton" of eggs, not a box, in my experience. But here's an obvious one, given the recent holiday: A heart shaped "box" of chocolates or truffles! There's also a Nirvana song called "Heart Shaped Box", named after such a (non-chocolate-containing) item Courtney Love gave Kurt Cobain as a gift when she asked him out. Then there's a hat box, which is usually shaped to fit the hat inside.
  10. You might be right, actually. A captain, I think.
  11. Yes, I'm in the middle of playing Exile 3. She's there although she's hard to notice. She looks just like any other guard.
  12. Yeah, (KREE-zhahn). I never knew how to pronounce it until one of Jeff's recent streams, where he said it.
  13. Thanks for the etymology. I like reading etymologies. "Krizsan" in Spiderweb Software games refers to the maiden name of the games' designer Jeff Vogel's wife, Marian Krizsan Vogel, though. I haven't played most of the games though, so maybe it is a reference to a river too at some point.
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