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  1. Nope. Where did you send it? EDIT: We've determined it was sent to the wrong email address. The email address in the scenario credits (or at KPPP) will work. It appears that the message at the beginning of the scenario has a typo in the address, which I'll fix shortly. EDIT 2: This is now fixed.
  2. Now that I've gotten some ways into Part 2, I can say that there will be minor changes to Part 1 when Part 2 is ready. By way of example, the sorcerer graphic is going to change. Because some flags and quests are going to get shifted around, it is very likely that, when each part is released, old saves will not work for the new version — i.e., when Part 1-2 is released, you will have to start over.
  3. As far as trying to find only A1 results, many topics (though not all) specify the game in the title. The search function doesn't appear to combine quotes and connectors (AND, OR) in a way that I would expect, so you may have to mess around a little to find the right way to do a search on "A1" and "tower of barriers," but it can be done.
  4. One thing I'm noticing is that I'm going to have to add a lot of towns in Chapters 3 and 4. Part 1 (Prologue + Chapter 1 + Chapter 2) was 49 towns. I had only about 22 towns for all of Chapter 3 (of which only 15 had any substantial designing), but that's clearly not right. I've already added 7 more, and there's a pretty good chance I'll be adding a few more on top of that. Chapter 3 will be about 30-35 towns. The upshot of this is that Chapter 3 was maybe 20-25% designed when I picked it back up about a week ago. The same is true of Chapter 4, which had 17 towns as originally set
  5. Digging into Chapter 3 now. It is definitely true that finishing and extensively testing Chapters 1 and 2 made designing Chapter 3 easier. Chapter 3 has a lot of combat, and I have a pretty good sense of how to make the elaborately scripted combat that I had only conceptually mapped out before. And I also have a much better idea of what dialogue to write at different points. But Chapter 3 is very incomplete. I left a lot to be done when I skipped over most of Chapter 3 to get to some pieces of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, and Chapter 3 is the longest chapter in the scenario. It's going
  6. Strictly speaking, it comes after ZKR, but I don't think anything in the included scenarios matters for the series. Except I guess the occasional appearances of Machrone. Homeland is intended for a level 1 party. I tested it with a fresh default party and a customized party, and it should work either way.
  7. It is animated, at least. I actually kind of wonder if it might be better to start with Homeland, rather than Bahs/Exodus. For whatever reason, when I was a kid, I often started series in the middle, and I am absolutely convinced that the only reason I ever liked Dragonlance is that I started with Legends (the second trilogy) rather than Chronicles (the first trilogy). It created this Watchmen vibe, where there is this elaborate backstory that you piece together over the course of the series, instead of it being introduced in a bland, linear way. I sort of suspect that the same mig
  8. There's a refresher at the beginning of the scenario, so you don't necessarily have to replay Bahs/Exodus to understand Homeland.
  9. As the title says, there is now a public beta version of Homeland Part 1! Download it here: https://kppp.webs.com/Homeland.zip To be clear, Part 1 consists of the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. This is nearly 50 towns and 6 outdoor sections by itself. The scenario, when finished, will also include Chapters 3-5. Those are not part of this release. Also, this is a beta version. There are still a few known bugs, and likely there are a lot of unknown bugs (which is the point). The known bugs are generally aesthetic and shouldn't prevent you from progressing.
  10. Finished my second run through Chapter 2. I'm now convinced that the difficulty problems were a combination of out-of-sequence quests and missing one of the key rewards in Chapter 1 that gives a broader range of tactical options. I think that was just my being sloppy, though I'll be interested to hear what beta testers think. Does anyone know if there's some kind of known problem with quests numbered over 96? I thought the docs said I could go up to 99, but quests 97-99 are displaying weirdly in the quest list.
  11. FWIW, I don't find Torment to be fun until at least the second or third time through the game. I usually play on Hard, too. The most recent time I played a SW game on Torment for the first run through (Geneforge 5), it was a heck of a slog.
  12. I'm running through Chapter 2 again, and it strikes me that the combat in Chapter 2 is a lot harder than the combat in Chapter 1. I don't know how much of this is real and how much is doing the quests in the wrong order (again). I suspect it's a bit of both—and, to be fair, I'm not going where any of the dialogue suggests that I should go, so I'm definitely doing the quests in the wrong order. I'll watch for this on my next run-through, though. I really don't want to rebalance everything again, but I also don't want the balance to be totally out of whack. The good news,
  13. Chapter 2 is complete and finishable. I'm making a few final tweaks to the ending, but Chapter 2 is basically done.
  14. The relevance of all of this, presumably, is that Rosetta 2 support will eventually be dropped. The Classic environment was supported until OS 10.5. Rosetta 1 was supported until OS 10.7. Rosetta 2 will probably also not last forever.
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