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  1. The language of the homeland sliths is similar to the older Bahssikavan language—both are essentially "Modern Slith"—which everyone on the expedition learned either between Bahssikava and Exodus while they were staying in Vasskolis or during Exodus while they were interacting with the homeland sliths along the way (such as in Thassaka). Or slow learners may have learned it while staying outside Khitaloss Province between Exodus and Homeland. There are several months between each scenario, and by that point there are several sliths in the expedition who know the language.
  2. I think that, in newer operating systems, the run_dialog() call in BoA does not always return the right number. I've seen buggy behavior in Homeland that I never saw making scenarios a decade ago. I suspect that is the reason for this bug. It is true that some of those doors are not openable. EDIT: Oh, and as in all my scenarios, you don't really "win" in LP. You can finish, but no matter what you do, you don't save the people who you set out to save.
  3. No, the scene should work fine with any number or composition of party members. I think I may have mis-stated things before. Here's what's up: At that point, the scene should conclude successfully. If it doesn't, tell me exactly what happens—who says what, etc.
  4. I have to renew it every now and again, and I just did, so it should be back now. I don't believe there's anything there that would help, though. If that doesn't work, tell me exactly what happens.
  5. I just wrote the ending of the Pohsa sequence. It did not write well the first time and will need significant revision. But at least there's a draft of it that I can come back to and fix later. Frankly, most of the main quest line in Chapter 3 is in the same condition, but I am not worrying about that right now. On to Ihrghthen.
  6. The Pohsa sequence will be the death of me. I wasn't able to work on it for a few months, and then I came back to it. I'm now in the middle of third subpart of the Pohsa sequence. Ihrghthen is up next. On the bright side, I wrote the end of the Ihrghthen sequence a long time ago. But there's quite a bit of other stuff in the Ihrghthen sequence that I still have to make. I have a pretty good idea about what I want the Ihrghthen sequence to be about, though, which I didn't before. Tentatively, the plan is to create a finishable version of Chapter 3, and then start alpha testing as I fill in the rest of it. I guess, technically, there's one more dungeon after Ihrghthen in Chapter 3, but I suspect I will make that at the very end. EDIT: I've still received only a few beta reports on Part 1. So anyone who has some time is encouraged to play and provide comments.
  7. I'll have to look more thoroughly later, but I don't believe this person actually emailed the scenario as requested.
  8. On the graphics, I have not been able to find the disappeared graphics either. Some were incorporated into scenarios, which are now the best source of custom graphics of which I am aware, but if anyone knows about a backup graphic archive, I'd be interested to hear about it.
  9. It feels like I've been moving painfully slowly, but here's what I've actually gotten done in the past three months since I turned to Chapter 3 in earnest. In Chapter 3, there are three parts, centering on Kathda, Pohsa, and Ihrghthen. The Kathda sequence has three subparts. Three months ago, the first was scripted, the second was not, and the third was partially scripted but needed to be completely rewritten. I've scripted the second—which is the longest—almost entirely, though the end needs a bit more work. I still need to rewrite the third subpart. The Pohsa sequence was essentially not designed at all. What little there was needed to be completely redone. It also has three subparts. In the past three months, I've essentially designed the first subpart, though again the end needs a bit more work. I still need to write the second and third subparts. The Ihrghthen sequence was not designed at all, except the ending. I still need to design essentially all of it. I've also mostly drawn (though not completely scripted) about 10 of the sidequest towns and added a bunch to at least four of the core towns—one in Kathda and three in Pohsa. There are about 4 more sidequest towns, and about 4 more core towns (mostly in the Ihrghthen sequence), that haven't been designed at all. Realistically, I may add another 2 towns to the core Pohsa sequence and maybe 1-2 more sidequest towns, though I haven't decided exactly how that will work yet. In the past three months, I also drew (but did not completely script) three outdoor sections, one in Chapter 3 and two in Chapter 4. There's quite a long way to go, but it's coming along. I still hope to finish an alpha version of Chapter 3 before the end of the year, but a beta version this year may be a little out of reach unless things go faster than I expect. The through-Chapter-3 version will have roughly 85-90 towns. EDIT: I hope to come back to this in 2-3 months and be able to note how much progress I've made! At least that's the goal.
  10. The current town count is 114. Still working on Chapter 3. And there is some crazy **** in Chapter 3.
  11. As will surprise no one, I do love a good cutscene. It doesn't take much time to script them, usually, compared to a really good combat (at least for me in BoA—I suspect the same is true for Jeff in everything else). I'd guess, without any firsthand knowledge, that Jeff has just decided to move in a different direction.
  12. Geneforge is probably the farthest away from general fantasy. But yeah, the term "tedious" isn't specific enough for anyone to be able to help you here, most likely. You're going to have to explain what you did/didn't like and why.
  13. Today, I started to redesign the second major city in Chapter 3. The initial design (which I did ages ago) doesn't really work, and I basically have to throw it out and start from scratch. I'm going to have to do this with almost every major city in Chapter 4 (of which there are seven) and one major city in Chapter 5, too, but I'm trying not to think about that right now. I was a bit worried that the end of the Trump presidency would reduce the relevance of an anti-far right story like Homeland, but there's no shortage of material to work with even now. EDIT: The complete redesign was much easier than expected. This works much better, and I'm making good progress.
  14. As I keep going through Chapter 3, I'm thinking that Homeland is a scenario that rewards people who don't just want an interesting story and some challenging combat, but want to go all the way down the rabbit hole. I just did some preliminary work on an outdoor section that is basically a sidequest off a sidequest—you get to the access point by taking a sidequest in Chapter 4, but you have to complete a sidequest in Chapter 3, and accept another one in Chapter 3, to be able to pass through the access point. This bonus area connects to hints dropped in every other chapter in the scenario, which are never really a major part of any chapter or the main plot (at least until Chapter 5). It's not really for the casual player. But there is at least one friendly town and at least one dungeon—probably a lengthy one—in this area. It's a lot of stuff. I'm tempted to make more of the sidequests mandatory, just so that people don't miss a huge volume of content. (For reference, of the 49 towns in Chapters 1-2, at least 11 of them are only in sidequests. The percentage is significantly higher in Chapter 3, I think.) On the other hand, many of the sidequests are pretty deep into secondary plots—should I really force the player to track down the details of Kanthen and Ithela? At the moment, I'm inclined to keep things pretty open, but I'll be tracking this as more beta reports come in.
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