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  1. I happily went to follow this advice - and then realized that I'm on Catalina now and the 3D editor is now 100% unsupported because Apple dropped support for 32bit apps. Blades of Avernum itself is also dead now, at least on Mac. It seems that if I want to do any further development, it would have to be on Windows.
  2. I assume you mean the issue where he got stuck in blackness? I have no idea why that happened... He was using exactly the version that I have on my computer, and so I wasn't able to suggest a fix... It might have to do with him using the Windows version. When I made these scenarios I was never able to play test them on Windows, as I didn't have access to Windows versions of BoA (let alone a Windows PC). Others did beta it on Windows and did not encounter this bug, so... In summary, you may or may not encounter that bug 😛 Frankly, looking back at WtRM, it was long and convoluted and really not very good. The sense of humor was... well, clearly that of a 15-year-old. I promise the remake will improve on it by leaps and bounds. But, it also won't be released anytime soon
  3. I'll pitch in as well... I too hop in once every so many weeks to have a look what's going on here, and have been working on a major rework of Where the rivers meet. Given the fact that the original was mediocre at best, I promise that this new one will be more like what the original was supposed to be. But, progress is a crawl.
  4. Hey all, Sorry to bring this one up again, but I was wondering if in the meantime anybody had managed to get the 3D editor working with High Sierra, or is it a lost cause?
  5. Found them, good to know. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, Thanks for the useful information! Once again I'm in your debt. Ishad: I'm guessing that's the BoA manual, not the Editor manual? Kel: Thanks for the calculations, those are very useful, and a good guideline! Ess: Thanks for the second opinion and validation! Seems like it agrees well with Kel's comments. It seems a willpower of 20 should be good for my purposes.
  7. Hi all, I'm working on a check to determine which character has the highest willpower in the party. The manual calls this skill a 'secondary' skill derived from the primary skills. From memory, this skill becomes available when certain other skills are at a high tough level, which brings me to my question: (1) what primary skill does willpower depend on, and (2) at what level can I expect this skill to be in a level 35-40 party? I don't want the check to be impossible to pass, but I also don't want every single party to make it through. Thanks, Thralni
  8. I hadn't even gotten to check out Illustrator and Photoshop yet, but the fact that APFS breaks them too is disastrous... I'm going to revert back to 10.12 for now. Can't quite wrpa my head around my stupidity - after all, APFS was THE main improvement touted by Apple in this release, and I forgot all about it. Fortunately I have my Time machine backups or I'd be royally screwed at this point.
  9. Thanks for quoting that readme Nikki! I'd been wondering for a while what my role was in EP, as I could hardly remember having pitched in anything, and having seen the episodes, it struck me how " Nikki-esque" EP is. But the readme clarifies it all Though really, it's probably more appropriate to call this a 1.25 developer thing...
  10. I just updated to Mac OS High Sierra, and now every time I try to save my .bas files in the 3D editor (I think I have the newest version of it), I instead get an "error 73" and the program unloads my scenario. It doesn't crash entirely, and I can reload the scenario, but of course without any changes actually saved. So, it might has well just have crashed entirely... Anybody seen this? Anybody any idea what to do? Effectively I can't work on my scenarios anymore now... I'd rather not have to revert back to Mac OS Sierra, the hassle of wiping the disk and putting back a backup is something I'd rather not go through again Edit: Tested all of the versions back to 1.1.1, they all give this error... edit2: it just occurred to me that perhaps what broke the editor is the new file system Apple introduced in this version of the OS, since the error the editor it giving is one of saving the scenario. Anyway, for now I found a workaround in using the windows editor.
  11. One of your 'crazier moments'? You do all this wizardry with scripted combat, and using two SDFs to store a number was something you did in one of your 'crazier moments'?
  12. Hi kelandon and Ess-Eschas, thanks once again for your help. This definitely makes sense, as 253 would be 1021 - (3 * 256). Thanks Ess for putting this in context, it helps me understand why things are the way they are. Though it doesn't make me any less annoyed This will be a huge pain, as I'll have to recode some bits scattered all over the scenario... Splitting the number up might work. I have one particular example where that would probably be a viable alternative. Sort of. I would take the number and divide by 100, then store in SDF, and won't allow numbers over 25500 to begin with. Cumbersome, but whatever, I'll spin some story... Though for my specific purpose outlined here (character max health) I was wondering if I could do it as follows, as it might requires less SDFs: health = 1021 // in the actual script I'd just use get_health(ME), but just to stick with he example started in my OP. set_flag(x1,y1,health/256) // stores the number of full 256 blocks required to restore the number. I'm assuming BoA rounds down, based on prior experience. set_flag(x2,y2,health%256) // stores the remainder Recapitulating the number I could then do as follows: health = 256 * get-flag(x1,y1) + get_flag(x2,y2) That said, I haven't tested it yet. Just thinking out loud now... Really though, the best way to go about this is probably to just avoid using large numbers like these...
  13. I reckon this is another easy question to which I once again failed to find the answer in the Docs, but I've been beating my head against the wall for probably two hours now. I went with the assumption that maximum number that can be stored in a SDF would be around 32000, same as the max number that can be used in any script. Yet, I find myself wanting to the store the maximum HP of a creature (1021) in a SDF, and for whatever reason it keeps returning 253 instead. And when I fiddle around with it, it keeps giving different numbers from the actual HP of the creature. So confused. What's going on here? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. my_number(), hm! Good to know. I might follow your example there. Thanks!
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