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  1. So G2 will at least have the Rotgroth, Gazer, Drakon and their variations - can't wait! All the more reason to play as a Shaper the further you go into the series, I'd forgotten how limited G1 really is when it comes to creation types.
  2. Most of my playthrough was as a Guardian with no points put into magic, instead having Magic creations do the buffing from the back (War Blessing / Protection / Acid Spray / Charm). This way the Guardian is the primary damage-doer (with the only complaint being lack of multi-target abilities, and being difficult to retreat when overwhelmed). I've not completed the game though, so I don't know how much more difficult it can get.
  3. Yeah it's an amazing tool, I'm sure it would have taken a ton of effort to build and fine-tune it. Speaking of which, if the code is uploaded to Github / open-sourced at any point (it was made in Java iirc), I'd love to take a look and possibly (me or anyone else who's interested) can contribute. I'd taken a stab at making something similar earlier. But even before that, if the GF1-M scenario format is very different and there's a ton of discovery work to list out which part of the scenario does what, I wonder if it's worth it. Especially since interest in the game will taper off o
  4. I think @Ishad Nha had figured out most of the scenario format for Geneforge 5, there was a wiki containing zone offsets - not sure if it's still up now. It's probably easier to figure out the new format based on the old one (knowing what to look for), but it'll still take some digging around. I'm not sure how much work it'd be to rewrite the G5 Modding Suite based on the new offsets - or if there's enough level-designing interest to make it worthwhile. But I guess there'll always be interest in playing custom levels once they're made.
  5. This would be cool to have, wonder why it was never done till now. I'd love to have something like Spore (wishful thinking) but the existing shaping mechanic is already pretty neat - wouldn't have expected it based on the original series.
  6. Yeah we can do this, I just fancy having a dedicated base area with different boxes to categorize stuff in. BTW this can be added into the game ourselves, if the Scenario Editor that was made for Geneforge 5 is ported over to Mutagen. More people are likely to use it now, considering the active playerbase. I end up doing this, only I don't have separate piles. It's just a large, rectangular pile of items. Yeah but you don't know in advance (usually) what types of enemies you'll come across and what status effects they might inflict (poison / acid etc
  7. I've found that the inventory storage space available is not enough towards the middle and later half of the game. There are many pods, spores, attack items, batons, thorns all of different types. Some of these are non-optional (like living tools and healing pods/spores) so they take up permanent slots in the inventory. If you carry 3 types of batons and their thorns (which you should, if you're a self-respecting Guardian) that alone takes 20% (5 cells) of your inventory. I've often found myself using the junk bag to temporarily extend my storage - only now the junk bag contains bo
  8. Not a backer, but I was hoping the Steam page would be up for release in the next few hours (12 AM PST) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1424710/Geneforge_1__Mutagen/ Is there a secret URL-only download on the Spiderweb website that gives you the download before the actual release time 😀 Edit - it's up on Steam now
  9. BMA

    Upcoming Titles

    I'd thought that was Geneforge. Oh well, it's probably next in line after Avernum 3. Edit : Jeff says that the Geneforge remake will happen in 3+ years : https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/52xrub/im_jeff_vogel_i_run_spiderweb_software_since_1994/
  10. Yeah I know, I had been following the byte-deciphering here from the start. I've saved copies of the BoG wiki's web pages jic, but it would be nice if it can be hosted online. I've wanted to make a zone-maker, kind of like LF's Zone Simulator but which can create new zones from scratch (or say from a template) instead of just editing them. @Ishad If we were to create a new zone, do you think it would be enough to change offset 106 (number of towns) from 82 to 83 and then add 52088 bytes of new zone data after the last zone, and then add it's own 'town location record' (20 bytes) into
  11. I've been wanting to make a zone-editor using the floor/terrain/character bytes info on the BoG Wiki for a while now (using C#/WPF and SDL 2) but have been putting it off as usual. The number of zones are hard-coded at the beginning of the scenData file. So if we were to create a completely new zone (say a basement, since that would probably be easiest), and add the new bytes to the file, what else then would have to be changed, what info should be added to the header (if at all, like Ishad Nha was saying) or would it simply suffice to create an entry point (ladder or steps) from inside an
  12. I always felt that's exactly what you'd expect serviles to sound like. Wonder where Jeff got the sounds from.
  13. I found a similar question; chap says something about being able to play by bypassing some warning but I didn't understand much of it.
  14. Only 13 years, somehow I thought it would be much more than that. But then, that makes the post count all the more impressive. Congrats on the residency !
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