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  1. Coffee is a brewed drink. Call me crazy but I guess the hot water needs to be hot so that it can be used for brewing (could that by chance be the reason for water used hot as industry standard for brewing?). In my opinion, however, the legal system is often only used for personal enrichment and even endangers areas such as health care, but I really don't want to start an argument here.
  2. In your link it says: "In 1994, a spokesman for the National Coffee Association said that the temperature of McDonald's coffee conformed to industry standards." And that's exactly what I don't understand. A coffee was ordered and a coffee was delivered, no crime so far, as far as I can tell.
  3. I'm sorry, but what exactly is legitimate about this lawsuit? Both, the lawsuit itself and the judgment, are equally incomprehensible to me. And another giant mystery I'm asking you to rank: Trump.
  4. I haven‘t played Geneforge yet, but since movie adaptions of books and games generelly fails terribly (especially in recent times), I think it would be the best not to devaluate the series name by this.
  5. Thank you Randomizer! And sorry for bringing up this topic again, I overlooked the other thread..
  6. Hello everybody, I just wondered if you already know what Jeff is planning to do after the iPad release of the Avernum 3 remake.. or generally asked: where do you get your informations? is there a direct information flow from Jeff to the forums staff? Since I'm a macOS user, I really appreciate the remakes of the older series Following Wikipedia, Blades of Avernum is nearly 14 years old and there are still fans creating scenarios for it.. I strongly believe, that a good game benefits from an extensive and powerful editor. LoL and all of the other clones or
  7. Thank you very much Raptor! When I have some time left, I will continue my search for the exit. Maybe I don't need to reveal your solution, but it's good to know there is a way out. /Edit: last time I played, I must have been too tired..
  8. Hello everyone, since I'm playing Avernum partly with longer interruptions, I've unfortunately forgot the name of the cave.. But I think it's far in the north and there is a cave with a friendly dragon nearby (the one who likes his cats). There are two doors left but I can't open them at the moment (there is one skill point missing) and the entrance where I came from is sealed. When I try to open it, there is a special encounter saying: "You randomly pull the levers and turn the wheels. Nothing happens. You're still trapped, and you will stay that way until you can fig
  9. There was something similar on kickstarter some time ago: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/antonyevans/glowing-plants-natural-lighting-with-no-electricit But I think unlike the guys from MIT, they never reached their goal.
  10. I'm very sorry for my late response.. Thank you very much Randomizer, Chessrook44 and Mr.Tic! I think I prefer general damage reduction to some good chances not to get hit. Unfortunately I haven't fully understood the matter with the base yet.. is it good in the case of ARC to have high INT, or is it more expensive to improve it with high INT? How many points in INT (and maybe in Priest Spells) would you recommend me to spend?
  11. Hello everybody, I'm reading the BoA manuel at the moment and playing with the idea of creating a custom character. But before doing so I want to finish "Valley of Dying Things" and clarify some questions. Do I need to spend skill points in DEX if I want to create a tank? If I get it right an appropriate level of MEL is enough to hit enemies with swords. Jeff is speaking of some "advanced skills" like parry.. is there a list of all possible advanced skills available? Furthermore ARC is described as some kind of cumulative group skill, clalcula
  12. Ah, I see.. thank you for the clarification
  13. Oh, that is embarrassing.. but in this case it‘s possibly gotten around already..
  14. Hello everybody, since I‘m reading a lot in these forums lately, I have often come across posts referring to ‚SV‘ and TrueSite.. By chance I visited the forums and found this thread: https://forum.nethergate.net/index.php?p=index.phpQUERYshowtopic=1693 You may know that already, but I was kind of surprised.
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