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  1. Just got to Pentil, it seems I was mistaken from my assumption that joining the Obeyers would turn me into a lowly servile and that I have to prostrate myself before my fellow Shapers. Looks like they're trying to secure the island instead and keep the Shaper tradition instead. Me still pondering about the Shaper purist run for a better Shaper ending, should I join them? Or should I abstain myself from actually joining any? (Don't ask me about the obsession with the ending, I want to experience the game completely ;_; )
  2. That's a relief, Matt P's walkthrough also mentioned some Learned Darian somewhere (don't tell me where to find him, no spoilers please) which could greatly help you side with another faction, so my opinions for now won't matter in their convos. Well then, I guess I'll have to balance it out for the most optimal outcome. Thanks guys, that's all for now.
  3. Sounds unpleasant, but I would have explored much of the game already to some limit before I could have joined them, so that sounds reasonable. Has anyone tried the Shaper purist playthrough (e.g. no canisters, no faction, no friends)? If so, will my character fare better in the end? Or will the Shapers punish me for discovering their secrets? I guess it is, but that doesn't mean you won't be greeted with hostility in some factions. More questions though, should I sell my gemstones? Or will I get to use an enchanted anvil later in the game? Also, Matt P.'s guide mentioned something about Ellrah giving a gold key if I have enough leadership, I tried raising that stat to 10 with my remaining SP and the options were still the same. (Currently enjoying this game, and hoping that the remakes would still retain its charm)
  4. Hey guys. I'm currently on my serious Geneforge 1 playthrough and I'm wondering which servile faction should I join for an easier first-time playthrough. I'm also planning on doing a Shaper purist kind of style but that would require me using a minimal amount of canisters and not joining any, but that'll be soon after I this. Spoiler Alert!!! End of Spoiler I'm planning to join the Awakened but that would instantly lock me out of the other factions. I want to explore the game as much as I could without siding with any, yet. Unless I've exhausted the game, then I'll go join a faction and end the game. Regrettably, I've said opinions that would make the Awakened grin from ear to ear, but hey, being stuck in an island with no other hope other than living with natives, your stiff-necked pride won't save you; so I've told them what they'd want to hear, does being inclined to a faction though not joining them give you benefits? Other than making them happy, of course. tl;dr Should I join factions (to make my game easier to explore) early or in the endgame? If so, what faction?
  5. Darkest Dungeon would be my pick, where Spiderweb games make you walk on dungeons, this game steps on your existence and forces you to crawl.
  6. I accidentally overwrote my one and only quicksave with something stupid Oops Generally applies to all games ^^
  7. That happened to me before and it seems like the 'bundle' is treated like a single game. Once opened, you will get the games at an instant, compared to when it's gifted individually; which you can keep all others and open AV:2 for yourself, sadly, Steam's smart enough for that.
  8. I was planning to do it, although it is pretty logical conflicts are unavoidable, like that Kill Platano quest, if so, what other quests conflict with what quest? Spoil me if its truly necessary ;_;
  9. Since I played Geneforge 5 again, I noticed it was a larger game than I have previously thought. Jeff proved me wrong, again. I'm planning to start again, and I'd like to know the best side you can lean on at factions. I do know that Rawal, Alwan = Shapers, Astoria = ??? etc. Is sneaking a viable option? At Unbounds, it may be, since the time you spent killing it is not worth the experience. Also, there are no points for sneaking since it might be used to get the sneak xp then kill the enemies later on, or maybe sneaking is just minor. Is it ok to spread skill points? Or is it better to concentrate them on one section? I'm playing as some sort of Shaper/Agent, and I noticed I've got a decent band of creations, and my leadership and mechanics seemed ok. But since I was rushing through the game, I became lazy and just used my Battle Alphas as cannon fodder so I can pass through the hard parts and just sneak my way. I felt really cheap when I kept healing and relied on the Golems to kill the demonic golem and his master. How do I win without joining? Since you won't be siding with anyone, how do you make that final decision of neutrality?
  10. Still can't drink ale
  11. I have my laptop, been three years since I first unboxed it, nothing more I guess. Aaron the Casul +0 [cannot be ascended] (laptop) Intel HD Graphics 4000 mobile/Intel i5/1.7GHz/4GB ram/500GB HD space One of the treasures granted to the firstborn, it withstood eons of reformatting, installing, uninstalling, free Windows 8.1 upgrades, Steam game downloading, visits to Spiderweb and the occasional playing of Dark Tranquillity music along with a headbang. The filthy casul of the laptop belonged to Aaron, it became his true symbol when he in turn endured the abysmal fathoms of 10-5fps, earning him the title of 5fpswalker The object grants basic internet surfing and casul gaming and general usage
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