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Found 16 results

  1. A3 is one of the famous Avernum games, and it is the most favorite of me. I have heard about many people complaining about A2 being somewhat less attractive than Avernum 3. Yeah, I accept that Avernum 3 has got better gameplay, skills and stuff like that. But, one more main reason I see is A1 and A2 have got cave designs for the most part, but A3 has got surface designs. The surface designs are more attractive for the eyes as they are brighter and colorful but the cave floor just depends on gray color for the most... or its just limited. I think this impact of vision has given A3 more reputati
  2. How do I kill The Spire's Heart in the Golem Factory? I've cleared all 4 golem spires, but I can't actually damage the final boss of the factory, he's immune to everything. Edit: I've currently got the factory control panel set to: Furnace Draw: Pull Generation Intensity: Medium Approach Paths: FL-2 Shielding Lower: Off Grid Alpha: Off Shielding Upper: Off Grid Beta: Off Generator Fuses: Offline Grid Star: Off Thalen Intensf.: High
  3. How many of you guys really loved Avernum 3? The old version. My Uncle got me this game in 2010 with Windows XP AND Windows 7. I started playing it and completed it. WOW?! It was just a demo! So, I got the full version in 2015 or 2014, I think! And, I was in some province of the Troglodytes, but the game had a bug I don't remember. That's the reason for me to stop playing it. Now, when an update is out. I am just so excited! I hope it doesn't have a bug! The game was really stress free. OMG! I played it everyday whenever I got time. Not to mention, my pc was running whole day.
  4. My party can't understand the mosaics in the cemetery in the middle of the island. Is this because they don't have enough Arcane Lore? Or is there a key or description somewhere I need to pick up? thanks
  5. Just thought I'd mention this amusing little glitch... the 'Concealed Tunnel' dungeon, despite being... well, a TUNNEL, seems to have been accidentally set as an outdoors-location. Meaning that depending on your luck, it might be raining in there.
  6. Does anybody know how many lumps of metal are in the game? I already wasted two (one each for Arion and Carmine) and cannot give metal to the dragons now for the alien beast blade. I got one from Athron, the other from outdoors near the Inn of Blades. Is there a third one?
  7. I did a brief search but can't see anything pertinent. After defeating the first plague, my party keeps having visions of goings-on in Avernum. Who can I speak to/what can I do about these?
  8. When I explored Shayder and spoke to Irvine, I apparently skipped the dialogue option to get the quest to smuggle the suspicious package into Lorelei. So, when I got to Lorelei, Kendra told me to talk to Irvine. I went back to Shayder and got the quest from Irvine, but now when I speak to Kendra, I don't have an option to give her the package. Is there something I'm missing?
  9. I can't get a screenshot of the Avernum 3 [Settings][Keyboard Shortcuts], is there an online pic somewhere
  10. So I took it upon myself to get ahead of myself and decided to e-mail our good friend, Mr. Jeff Vogel, basically bothering him and asking him how to 'Capture Soul' Erika, or why Prazac is such a [censored], and I asked him what was in the works after Avadon III wraps up, if they were REALLY remake-inceptioning Exile III: Ruined World. Good 'ol Jeffy simply said we hope to have it out next year, EARLY next year. So. Bottom line is I am excited af for this. Anyone else?
  11. I hope it's not too early to start getting excited for Avernum 3: Ruined World. If so, please forgive me. I know it hasn't even been given a product page yet, but Jeff does say he's busy editing it down, so... Fingers crossed we see something soon. In the meantime, I've been playing through the original ("original"?) A3 and was inspired to redo my rendition of the Black Halberd. I don't know if I'll revisit anything else from the game at this point, but either way, here's looking forward to the next incarnation.
  12. If this idea has been utilised already in the Crystal Souls version of Avernum 2 (though I doubt it considering how the inherited narrative is structured) then please disregard my thought experiment, (and also let me know because that would actually get me to buy the remake) if not... well buckle in, I have an idea for the inevitable remake of the third game. I've always considered it a wasted opportunity that we never had Vahnatai as one of the selectable races during character creation in Avernum 3-6, even during their heel-turn moments the Vahnatai have seldom presented a unified front,
  13. So I've finished AV2 a while ago; it was a bit disappointing to me since it was way too similar to AV1. I would have even believed if somebody said it is a mod of AV1. Not to mention the first 1/3 was downright linear; understand the intention but man, I felt playing JRPG or something. I gave AV3 a shot and now it seems to bring some new changes, however slight they might be! I recovered my taste for the series and thinking of playing AV3 now. 1. Anything I should know before playing AV3? I do have read the header post about some towns being devastaed as time passes by, and I'm thinkin
  14. Time for me to do a Let's Play of Avernum 3, probably my favorite of the two trilogies. And what better way to start it all off than with a two-parter? And if you wish to see the previous LPs, you can check them out here and here!
  15. Hi guys, it seems my trigger finger is itching to play AV3 again, and I'd like to know the most useful skills in AV3, with a brief description. Party build: Spellsword Healer Sorcerer Tank My build ^^, can it last that long against Troglodytes, Goblins, Roaches, Slimes, Demons and all manner of undead?
  16. Finally finished Avernum 2 and jumped right into 3, I read around and found out that after certain days things get ugly so I'm trying to do every infestation quest before the time limit. This thread has info on what days are bad http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/19339-avernum-3-effects-of-passage-of-timedays/ Problem is in previous games when I needed to restore Spell Points I just held on to the "w" key and up they went, in Avernum 3 I doubt I can do this because of time passage, so I'm wondering if Resting is better than Waiting since I think both advance time.
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