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  1. At last, we reach the final episode, with a particularly long one as we decide the fate of the colony, our vassals, the Nisse, and our own future. I hope you all have enjoyed my playthrough!
  2. Finally we reach the Nisse's tower, from which they have unleashed the Calamity. It's time to deal with them at last...
  3. Even the Nisse need food to eat, and here we find where they make all their food.
  4. Further exploration, as we explore the northern wilderness of the Nisse's territories.
  5. I go through like four explanations of what this town is for here... yet I think I understand now.
  6. The Nisse have abandoned their cities, but can we find anything within that we can use? Let's take a look...
  7. Down into the Nisse's lands we go, as we explore what we can find of their caves... investigating the southern reaches.
  8. Part three of this three-parter. Shubael the Blind must die...
  9. Part two of our three-parter, as we fight against Shubael's children... which are big and numerous.
  10. A final land we must enter, located beneath Sacramentum. Much remains to be found, and here, we shall deal with it... but we begin with a three parter!
  11. We opened one path, but you know I won't be satisfied with that... we must open all three!
  12. We have been to all three vassals, we have brought them back under us, and we have been throughout the land. And yet, one thing remains...We must deal with the Nisse.
  13. The Owen have asked us to do something for them, and thus we must complete the task. A pity, some blood must be shed...
  14. With all the regions explored, I think the time has finally arrived to speak with the Owen and finally see what they need...
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