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The Green and Good Tavern

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Not good.


It was a goblin scenario, as the designer told us. However, the designer also told us it was fun to play. It was not. I think it was good for one thing though. There's a mutant bear graphic of some sort in it, that doesn't seem to be working in Khoth's graphics archive. However, there are definitely much worse scenarios.


SUBSTANDARD (2.7), I guess.

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The prefab party has some spells missing (e.g. Fireball) and this makes it more challenging. I dont know if I actually finished this scenario because I couldnt find an end node apart from the early cop-out one near the start. I found various minor bugs (no gold from buried chest in one farm, cant return to Tavern to buy Flight spell, key that is an unused special item and doesnt work, etc.). The spelling and capitalisation is quite bad. The basalt superior wall seems impenetrable from the north (the westernmost fort has a just-repaired wall which you shatter but then you get stuck) - the only way round is to leave town in the Character Editor. I couldnt get far in Pumas fort - I was told I was not ready yet. The Kattana cave is like a signature in the bottom right of the outdoors - it does not improve the scenario. At what I presume is the end/southernmost valley, I could only find Bakeera in a cave, and a crisp clear lake that seems pointless as there is nothing to do there. There are way too many tedious wandering monsters/goblins. Trainers are rare and with what I presume are the bugs already mentioned make it hard to regularly use all the skill points garnered from all the combat. The plot is immediately suspect as you save a damsel at the start and then she doesnt acknowledge this at the tavern. The designer shows promise but this scenario is far too rough.



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