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The Nephils' Defense

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Nephils' Defense was a pretty good scenario, with very nicely done custom graphics. The plot was decent, but it could have had more of a story.


Breaking through moldy walls without Move Mountains was pretty interesting. Although I think it's been done before.


Then there is the locked door click signal. It's sheer brillance.


Overall I had quite a fablous time playing this scenario, and it's really interesting.


My Rating: Good

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A good scenario (despite the ReadMe telling me otherwise!). Challenging, at least on first run through. The plot was neither good nor bad. I was confused when given my orders to complete within 6 or 15 days - the 15 days to hold out really confused the issue. Sometimes I found the gas key did not work (despite pulling the lever for power) until you pull the levers a number of times (related to saving and reloading?). Avoiding unnecessary combat is a time-saving and resource-saving strategy. If you win on first playthrough (without reloading if you die etc.), you have done exceptionally well. On second play through, you would have a better idea of what combat to avoid and what to bring from the starting area. Enjoyable in a challenging sort of way. Shortish but worthwhile. Average

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The plot/story had some problems but less than Fort Emerald Robbery. It was nice that there were secret doors, and a nice change that the player must rely on the archery skill. (Though a text in the end refers to an infinite arrow, which I didn't get, and therefore couldn't use the nice bow very much.)


The scenario isn't quite as balanced as it could be. You can't buy arrows. I got a lot of treasure from the nephils, couldn't carry all the unidentified items and accidentally shot or angered the identifier many times. The game unfortunately doesn't ask before shooting friendlies. I couldn't spend the money. Skill trainers or something like that might have been a nice addition.


Some bugs:

* Locked, "impassable" doors are not impassable for monsters. That would be otherwise OK but the player can't walk through open "impassable" doors. I found the identifier that way.

* There is a friendly nephilim archer that should be hostile in the city where the identifier is. It's very difficult to spot before one has killed it.

* I got in to the abovementioned city before getting the required password.

* Some texts end in the middle of sentence.


The graphics were good.


The story was fast-paced enough. The beginning of the story was better than the ending.


All in all, this scenario needs a little fixing and improvement but it's not bad. Belongs to the category of scenarios that I might play again some day.

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As a newcomer scenario, ND is pretty good. It's jampacked with great nodework, and some original stuff like the use of forest fire when a mage casts firestorm. The author really shows good comprehension of the editor. The story lacks and was not well thought out, but with the eye candy and short length I didn't mind that much.


That said: technically sound, few bugs(which I hear have been fixed), good use of custom graphics, shaky storyline.



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