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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that… I poked around and found what seems to be another version of the same page but all the links there are broken too. I'm not even sure if that page you did find is actually correctly credited to Dahak, as the page itself is called "splash.html". There's a few graphics here though.
  2. Some of these might still be available from my TrueSite for Blades mirror (you can also try the older home page). I haven't fully updated all the internal links to be host-agnostic, so you can let me know if you find broken links. TrueSite also contains mirrors of some older GeoCities sites, so even if the link is an external link you can feel free to report it. I think there's a BoA graphics archive somewhere on there, no idea how complete it is though.
  3. Here's the link to Libera's webchat interface, for anyone who doesn't have an IRC client. I've also added it to the forum header.
  4. Small update: The FreeNode channel is now officially shut down… or, more precisely, it has been stolen by the FreeNode administrators. Do not under any circumstances join either #openboe or ##openboe on the FreeNode network. The official IRC channel from now on is on Libera.
  5. The FreeNode IRC network where the #openboe discussion channel was hosted recently underwent a meltdown of sorts. Because of this, I'm moving the channel to a new network, Libera.Chat, which is the spiritual successor of FreeNode. You can join the channel by clicking here if you have an IRC client. I've also updated the links in the forum header and on OpenBoE.com to point to the new location. Unfortunately, Libera does not (yet) have a webchat client on their website like FreeNode did. If I find they've added one though, I'll include a link to it as well. I
  6. It might be true that it'll never be invoked and is definitely true that it doesn't do what it's supposed to, but that's not the reason for it. Comparing a boolean to an integer will convert the boolean to an integer value of 0 for false or 1 for true, then do the comparison. It looks like that error is already fixed in OpenBoE, by the way.
  7. I don't know where you got 95% from, but I do remember noticing that a lot of percentile rolls end up being out of 101 instead of 100 – it generates a random number from 0 to 100, inclusive, and it probably matches if the random number is less than the reference value… so if you try to set a 100% change, there's a 1 in 101 chance that it will roll a 100 and fail. That means 100 is actually a 99% chance, not 95%.
  8. Regarding webs, I believe only NPCs of the "bug" type are immune to their effects. This immunity applies to the barrier (they simply pass through without affecting it), so if something were to directly apply the status effect, I think they would be affected. There's most likely no way to actually do that though.
  9. I just want to note two things here: that the Roman pilum is rather different from your typical javelin, and that an Ermarian stone doesn't necessarily have to be 14 pounds.
  10. I think the "target button" idea could be implemented with just special encounters in OpenBoE, actually. I added a way to trigger special encounters by casting a spell on a location, and while I'm not sure if that currently works for missiles, it probably wouldn't be hard to make it work. Of course, that all depends on me finding the time…
  11. Since this thread was originally intended for me to post new releases, perhaps we can move all the recent discussion to a new (but still locked) thread and unlock this again? I'd do it myself, but I'm just not sure what I'd call that new thread… or just where the split should start… EDIT: I've gone ahead and done it.
  12. If you wanted to build it yourself, naturally it's possible. It's not easy though. There are some basic instructions in the readme on GitHub, but I'm not sure how complete they are.
  13. There will be, whenever I get around to making a new build. I think I have several unreleased fixes already on the GitHub, but I haven't found found the time to work on it much lately.
  14. I think I remember doing it over and over and it was eventually cleared out, but I don't remember how many times I had to defeat them. It was a long time ago though so I could be imagining this.
  15. I fixed a bunch of Lyceum/Alcritas-related links, but the archive of Drizzt's website is quite broken. It looks like it was downloaded through a browser using the "save whole web page" feature, because there are a bunch of "this_web_page_files" folders which oftentimes contain duplicate content. There are also a whole bunch of missing images, and the zip files seem to be absent too.
  16. The only other place I can think of is Truesite4Blades, but I'm pretty sure the OpenBoE archive is directly derived from that, so there's probably no point checking. (It is currently archived at OpenBoE.com though, if you want to take a look. I think it's untouched from the archive Jewels sent me save for updating broken internal links, though I might've missed some.)
  17. Yeah, I thought as much. Sorry I couldn't help, then. Presumably the official Spiderweb archive is even less up-to-date, right?
  18. I assume the versions on OpenBoE.com aren't more up-to-date than what you have?
  19. I think counters are transparent, so they wouldn't affect line of sight. If you had a line of pillars though, then yes. It just uses a naive line-drawing algorithm to figure out which hexes affect your vision. The algorithm described on that page only works for lines with small slope (less than 1), but Blades of Exile swaps the role of x and y if the line has a large slope (greater than 1), so it still produces a reasonable result.
  20. Nice detective work! From this it seems fairly likely that it was indeed a mistake.
  21. It's a degree of obscurity based on a sum of opacity over the path between the two tiles. A fully-opaque tile has opacity 5, so that's why there's a comparison to 5 in can_see. It checks a total of max(dx, dy) tiles to determine the final obscurity. Opacity is normally based on the terrain (5 if it blocks sight, 1 if it's obstructed but you can shoot through it, 0 if it blocks nothing), unless there's a fire or force barrier there, in which case it's 5. A web on the space increases opacity by 2, and a crate, barrel, or town special spot increases it by 1. When in combat, lava and p
  22. That argument does make sense, but… this is the code for shockwave in Blades of Exile (original version, not the OBoE source): void do_shockwave(location target) { short i; start_missile_anim(); for (i = 0; i < 6; i++) if ((dist(target,pc_pos[i]) > 0) && (dist(target,pc_pos[i]) < 11) && (adven[i].main_status == 1)) damage_pc(i, get_ran(2 + dist(target,pc_pos[i]) / 2, 1, 6), 4,-1); for (i = 0; i < T_M; i++) if ((c_town.monst.dudes[i].active != 0) && (dist(target,c_town.monst.dudes[i].m_loc) > 0) && (dist(target,c_town.monst.
  23. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read the forums very often, so if you want his opinion that much, you'd probably have to ask by email or something. Given that it changed between E2 and E3, and the manual never says it's supposed to pass through walls, I'm currently leaning towards it being a bug that he fixed in E3.
  24. Yeah, the link from the main page is outdated, I'll fix it. As for ADoS's issue, it looks like you need to omit the www. I'll look into fixing that too. EDIT: I was wrong about the www, looks like the webserver had crashed and my browser was just showing the cached page. Fixed now.
  25. Assuming you mean for a custom scenario, that's documented. Note that that's the documentation for the experimental version of the game; there are a few differences if you're using the original BoE. Most notably, the ID of an item graphic is different, instead of adding 1000 you add something else (I don't remember what, though). Also, the original BoE doesn't support custom missiles or explosions. Swapping out existing graphics totally works, but I wouldn't recommend doing it for any of the types of graphics documented on that page. It's fine to swap out user interface graphics th
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