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The Foolish Giant

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Assuming that the errors of the beta were all fixed...


It's a fun scenario. It's very short, it's easy almost too a fault (although that's not a huge problem), and it has some catchy plot hooks. Some "clever" things are done here and there, and it's altogether a very playable scenario. Average

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Desert Plah seems to have set out to create a cute, fairy-tale-like scenario, and he succeeds.


The writing is detailed and charming, as any good fairy tale should be. Morris the giant is almost sickeningly cute, and the mayor's wife inspires irritation and annoyance (in an "I don't like this person" way, not in a "this character sucks and shouldn't exist" way).


Unfortunately there were a few minor errors (east and west are confused at one point), a stupid riddle that could have had any number of correct answers (luckily the walkthrough has the answer or I wouldn't have figured it out), and you don't actually get the loot and reward promised at the end of the scenario as far as I can tell.


There's an optional dungeon. It's simple and easy, but incredibly pointless and I felt I had wasted a couple minutes by completing it, as absolutely nothing happens in it, not a single special node.


This scenario has a goal and it does it well, without trying to be something it's not. Even the riddles, though they're annoying and stupid because they're required to be solved to win the scenario (unfortunately like just about every riddle in any BoE scenario), they're still just as cute as the rest of the scenario.


If you're bored and have fifteen minutes to spare, or if you're in the mood for a fairy tale, it's certainly worth playing, but it's also nothing spectacular.



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