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Farmhands Save The Day!!

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Farmhands!! was fairly good. Much of the humor was nice. But in the end, I felt that the humor was lacking, and it only felt quirky. I'd rather be rescued by Cedrick the Goblin in his animated series, than meet the stick people. I mean, honestly, the Stick People are an overall bad joke, anywho. While I reccomend you play this scenario, I don't reccomend you enter it expecting to reel out of your chair in laughter. Good


EDIT: Oh, and, uh... My sense of humor is quite warped. To reach its pinacle, go here:

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TM's sense of humor must be warped. This was definitely laugh out loud funny!


I asked Armand’s Sacred Chicken Of Prophecy what would happen if I gave Farmhands Save The Day!! by Stephen Masel (stephen_masel AT hotmail DOT com) a bad review. It said that everything I hold dear would be destroyed. I asked for an elaboration, but Armand refused to comply, saying merely that the Chicken had spoken.


Keeping that in mind, let me say that I have always felt the comedy was a genre that couldn’t be conveyed effectively in Blades Of Exile. Sure, any scenario could have a scene or two that many would find humorous, but as an overall theme? Couldn’t be done. I still feel that as a rule comedy can’t be done in BOE, but only because exceptions only go to prove the rule.


Many scenarios have challenged me more than Farmhands. None have entertained me more. From almost the beginning of Farmhands, I found myself fighting to keep from falling on the floor with laughter.


It’s hard to describe the major thrust of the scenario beyond what I’ve just said. Essentially, the main “mission” your party must undertake is collecting a series of signatures to satisfy some bureaucratic requirement necessary to advance. In most cases, this means tracking down the necessary individual, and asking him or her to sign the form. This, of course, doesn’t do the scenario justice — you’ll spend most of the time cracking up at the Kooroora hotel, jammin’ with the Leatbles, striving to stay nice, or taking in a cockfight or two. And of course, there’s the ending... It would be both impossible to try to describe it, and a travesty if I spoiled it for you. Let’s just say, it’s certainly atypical.


All said, Farmhands Save The Day!! is an EXCELLENT scenario, one I highly recommend you download and try. It’s rated PG, and is designed for beginner to low level parties.


My score - Best

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I'll bump it up 0.5 points because . . . well, that feels about right.


Farmhands Save The Day!!, by Stephen Masel, is, by all accounts, a very popular scenario. I have seen it on a number of peoples’ favorite scenario lists, it finished third in the Second Scenario contest, behind only Alcritas’ work, and was recently even mentioned in a article about Blades written by Jeff Vogel.


In one sense, I agree with these opinions. The strongest point of Farmhands is easily its humor. This scenario is very funny. Actually hilarious at points. It’s full of quirky characters, goofy mix-ups and extremely well done parodies. The characters and dialogue are surprisingly thorough and refreshingly original and things are never quite as you would expect them.


I laughed out loud at the summer camp, and even felt a bit sorry for the poor kid who decided to take a midnight swim, alone, with a hockey mask wearing killer on the loose.


The plot is also a bit better than others have given it credit for. While it involves the requisite and overdone “bandits terrorizing the land that no one can seem to find or stop and their tedious hidden underground lairs,” the final battle with the leader is well done. Also, the fact that bad things happen if you unwittingly share details with the bandit’s leader is worth mentioning.


All this, however, is secondary to the main goal in the scenario ... discovering the “true” origins of Exile. In order to accomplish this, you have to wander around to the different towns and other locations getting the required signatures that will allow you to enter the final area. I won’t spoil what awaits, but let’s just say the custom graphics are, well ... unique. You’re not likely to see these in another Blades scenario.


However, by the end I felt a bit disappointed with the scenario as a whole. Nothing is seriously wrong with it, but it has that decidedly first generation scenario feel about it. The outdoors are fairly bland and empty ... lots of wandering between towns. There are skill point mist globes for sale at the end, and for rather cheap, too. Special node usage is OK, but nothing ... well, special is done with them. Nothing here that you haven’t seen before. The final puzzle is a bit of a mystery ... you’re just told you need a “gift” and there is no clue as to what makes one item a better gift than another, although afterwards it makes a bit of sense.


Ultimately, maybe Farmhands high standing is due to the fact that this is type of scenario the typical Blades player is looking for. No long and complicated names to remember, no battling factions of weird races or creatures, no pages of history or “what has gone on efore” to read before you even start playing, just general silliness and fun in a familiar setting and a simple scenario.


This is a good scenario, and everyone should try it, but just be aware of what it is and what it isn’t. I give it a Good, because of the above mentioned shortcomings, and the fact that I like long names.

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This was more fun than funny.


I have not played a lot of scenarios (yet), partly because I haven't the time, and partly because I actually don't care too much for the typical BoE type game. I can only hack my way through hordes of undead, or goblins, or empire soldiers, for just so long. I am also quite critical and a bit hard to please, so if a game doesn't grab me right off the bat, I'll abandon it and move on to something else.


This game was different. This game, more than any of the other older games, was entertaining. I WANTED to finish this one, just to see what other goofy situations my party would encounter.


I didn't think it was all that funny, but it does take a lot to make me laugh. There wasn't much of a story, but that didn't particularly matter. I give it Good

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This is my favorite scenario out of those I've played so far. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the Staff of (name removed to prevent spoilage for those reading the reviews to find a scenario to play, which really is the main purpose of these, which people forget sometimes, as I've noticed) was a special item and not a weapon. I really wanted to use that staff. Other than that, it's udderly great. Spelling error intentional for reasons those who've played it will know.

9.5/Best (That staff wasn't a weapon. I really, really, really wanted that staff.)


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Farmhands was the first really "funny" scenario out there. Measle did a lot with this, and it works.


In my honest opinion, this is a very well put together scenario. The plot may not make sense to everyone, however. There is no clear indicator of where to go to beat the scenario. The plot is hidden, and jumps out when you, the player, least expects it.


The beginning is very good. You’re a young farmer, and you want to make a name for yourself in the profession of adventuring. Your aunt and uncle wave sadly goodbye to you, as you set off for the big city. You are given a bit of a tip-off, you need to defeat some bandits which have been harassing a nearby town.


After you complete the mission, you’re supposed to get a pass from the people at the Vahnatai gates. However, the author didn’t make that very clear. When you get the pass, you are instructed on what to do. You have to get a various amount of signatures and seals from important peoples to get to the Vahnatai lands.


When you enter the Vahnatai’s lands, you are supposed to solve a few puzzles, and then proceed to stick-land. You then meet a bunch of crudely drawn stick figures, which invite you into their fort if you have a gift for them, which you can get at a music place very early in the scenario. Once inside, you need to make your way to the king, whom then tells you the whole truth about Blades of Exile, and your (non)work is done!!


This is a very good scenario overall, and very solid. I rate it Good, because of its few flaws

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