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Lords of Arkon

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Terrors Martyr


I planned to write a Desperance review for it at some point. After that, I don't think anything more needs to be said. Of course, one thing bugged me. Two of the monster types in this scenario are only a few letters off from being sylvians and illithids. Take that as you will. POOR. (1.2)

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POOR (1.6)


The scenario may not be extremely buggy but there is almost no text explaining anything. The talking dialogue is "I sell weapons" type. I accidentally asked about a "mission" (there was no mention about it) and discovered that a person in the starting town asked the party to slay an orc captain (or "captian"). I did that, only to find out that there was no way to tell that person about it. And I didn't get any picture of what the plot was about. Either there's no explaining dialogue or the required keywords just can't be found by clicking the text. If the latter is true, it's impossible to figure out what to ask about.

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