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A 50+10 sword available from the start, wads of free equipment, unlimited level boosting (but no trainer), all the spells free and a ReadMe that says this is for a VERY VERY VERY HIGH leveled party - all make for a poor experience. With all the freebies, a low level party should do it. SUBSTANDARD (2).

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Bain Ihrno


Flat-out, the worst scenario of all time!



The first town is HORRIBLY designed, the dialogue is terrible, there are two places that have random monsters, then there is a town called Power-Up. There is also a town called Bug, with a million doomguards and a dragon named Bug! THEN, there is a Hall of Fame, which has grass all around it! If it were set up to be accessible by portal, it would be understandable, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OUTDOORS!


One word can summarize this scenario: AWFULBAD!!!!!


POOR (0) (hopefully 0's are allowed here.)

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Ouch. No diplomats here that's for sure. Doesn't matter how much something sucks, someone made it and submitted it for our approval, someone with feelings and hopes, not an abstract consciousness. Wanna help steer em to better scenario making point out politely why it sucked. This is the difference between intelligence and wisdom. Wisdom is intelligence usefully applied. A dozen people saying how something sucks can be disregarded as 'can't please everybody.' But if a dozen people point out how massively unbalanced a 50 dmg weapon is and how getting everything handed to you too easily takes away from the joy of aqquisition and finding such things might make the designer think hmm, ya that's true I enjoy that as well.


Just saying, there are ways of reviewing that are constructive and helpful beyond simply taking a big public dump on someone's creation.

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Hey, DeltanAmbassador.


You make some valid points, and I'm not commenting on the content of your post in any way. That said, this is a review thread for people to give their opinions on the scenario (and for people to read and decide if a scenario is right for them), not someplace to comment on the lack of constructive feedback given to certain reviews. Aside from anything else, most of these reviews are more than a couple years old, and most people who made them are no longer around.


If you do want to post something about being more constructive in reviews, feel free to post in a new thread in the Blades of Exile forum. The threads in this sub-forum should just be for reviews.



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Also, I believe that all of the scores listed here were originally just plain text numeric scores, and were only later converted to "POOR" and "SUBSTANDARD" in all caps and in bold -- and not by the reviewers themselves. In this case, an unfortunate side effect of a well-intended system shift...

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I'll be the first to admit that in the past, I would express opinions towards scenarios I didn't care for in a rather hostile manner (as you can see in my previous "review") - which was common in the old BoX community. At the time, I was younger, less mature, and felt more influenced by what others said, and I realize this was wrong.


That being said, Nikki and Slarty are right - some reviews got lost and it is simply the ratings that are being preserved.


As for the scenario itself, my opinion hasn't really changed. It doesn't give the impression that effort was put into it, and, as such it's hard to give a substantial review.


Eh, Kelandon could probably explain this better.



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