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Wolf in the Fold

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Terrors Martyr


Ya know, for once, I agree with Creator. The premise of this scenario would be a lot funnier (Which mundane, one-dimentional character committed the murder?), if the scenario actually treated the plot less seriously and had a more experienced designer behind it.AVERAGE (4)

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The Great Mister


It took me two and a half minutes to play through this scenario. Why that long? Because I actually though that something exciting would soon happen if I just stood there waiting after being imprisoned. After a dozen seconds, I left the house, left the town and went to solve the whole scenario. Halway to the mage's place, a message appread telling how Vastro came to fetch me from the tempel and gave me a token of some kind. I continued my journey and beat the demon. Nothing AWFULBAD in this one, but it ain't good either. It was just a SHORT and a bit rough around the edges-adventure with less-than-mediocre-plot and nodework. Also, I would have appreciated some at least DECENT dialogue.


Additional .5 points. One must show SOME mercy on this kind of works.



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I downloaded this thinking it was the Paterick from the Revere Local Moron Brigade who made it, but evidently there's more than one Paterick. Oh well.


It made me smile and laugh, but not because it was good. It was buggy, it used a modified Warrior's Grove as one of the two towns (don't get me wrong, I love Warrior's Grove, just not in scenarios that aren't Quest For the Sword or Guys Running Around Lost. :p) It was playable and finishable, and it was coherent, although for a two-town scenario that's not difficult. There's only one fight you actually have to participate in (all the outdoor fights are accompanied by guards and a bladesman who will gladly wipe out all the wolves, goblins and bears you encounter). I died a couple times before I remembered I could

use the Sleep Cloud spell

, after which it became easy. Worth playing if only because it's finishable and only takes two minutes to beat, but it's definitely not a shining example of what BoE can be.



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