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Under the God's Hand

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I liked this one-- there is some very good writing in here and excellent characters. The plot was okay but I really enjoyed the opening in which you wake up in a jail cell, the black sheep of your village. There was humor (defeating the Booty Master and his gang of thieves) and some truly haunting bits (finding the bodies of a band of adventurers who had been giving you a hard time earlier in the plot). The main reason I would not give it a higher score is that this was clearly written as the beginning of a series that was never continued so it has an abrupt ending that leaves a lot hanging. I give it Average

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Ugh. It has a plot that wavers inbetween grandfully executed and mournfully crappy. I can't place my finger on it, other than to say that the telling and plot are good, but the entire thing has a lingering taste that it's something a bit silly and out of your grasp for reasons you can't come to realize. This happened especially when one found that 'Miss Sadie' was an elder enchanter. A bit silly and out-of-place, if you ask me. Either way, the nodes... ...lacking, but not awful. Custom graphics weren't used, which sucked. Combat was rather awful. Most was horrifically underrating the party's skills early on, wheras the other combat with the demon Piewackett made me frustrated in the extreme. Figuring out what to do was at a few points easy (but only thanks to the hints file, which in stead of bashing my head against things, was a much-needed boon). The entire premise of this God got me sorta confused. In the end, you can tell that many things are good and wrong, but can't exactly exacerbate either in any sort of substantive review. But that's okay, because I reccomend you play this scenario. Average

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This is a fairly good, bug-free, solidly written, balanced scenario. On the flip side there was nothing that made it dramatically memorable.


It unfortunately suffered from too much information about the larger kingdom you couldn't visit and all its personalities, which were tangentially involved in the story at best. It's as if the author made up a long involved backstory, and then decided he had to prove it. This also makes the scenario feel like an unimportant prequel to something else. Sometimes, less is more.


NPC dialogues were okay, and the motivation for going on the quests was amusing. The plot was fair, and the pacing of revealing the lurking horror in bits and stages was very nicely done.


The architectural feel of the main dungeon was very nice, and was fleshed out with some nodework and messages. Puzzles only had one solution which one might not get -- the hints file saved me once on a riddle.


Overall, a solid scenario with nice pacing.



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At the opening of Under the God’s Hand by Alex Jackson, the party wakes up in a jail cell with an enormous hangover and finds the local bar completely trashed. Who would think that a simple favour to the barkeep to help get his premises rebuilt and pay off his debts would lead to maniacal demons, religious cults and frustrated barnyard animals?


This is one of those scenarios where you find out the thrust of the plot gradually, rather than having some official in the room next to where you started spell it out for you two minutes into the action. The personalities are well developed and the story, if a little hackneyed (it still boils down to a defeat-the-evil-monster setting), is fairly engaging right the way through.


Really the scenario has almost everything one could hope for: challenging puzzles without being impossible to solve, characters that hold your interest, humour. Only one thing is missing: TWO MORE WEEKS OF BETA TESTING!!


It’s a little frustrating to see a scenario with so much promise that the designer has obviously spent a lot of time on have so many minor things wrong with it. Nothing earth shattering or central to the plot mind you, just some things that are clumsily done. Cave sections aren’t formatted, there are no special items, to open a door that needs a particular key one of the party must equip that key as a lockpick then look at the door to activate a special, to defeat the final bad guy you are told to put this scepter on an altar but dropping it there does you no good, you have to equip the scepter as a lockpick and do the same as with the previously mentioned doors. Nothing overly bad, just a little clunky.


Nonetheless, it’s well worth the download and good fun to play. I’d rate it Average. It’s for low level parties and is rated PG.



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