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The Lost Tunnels, Part I

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Terrors Martyr


It's a somewhat intriguing concept- a mysterious set of magical tunnels that trap everyone inside (I'm not really revealing any major plot gimmick, you'll pick this up real early into the scenario). Of course, the major boss' effect is drastically reduced by aLtErNaTiNg CaPiTaL lEtTeRs in his speech. The graphics range from fairly good (poison pike, slime monster) to crude (shadow wraiths), and the combat usually isn't too difficult for a level 1 party. It's fairly small so it's no large diversion. It's an all-towns scenario, and it's probably at least worth a glance. AVERAGE (5)

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S M Adventurer


Good scenario!



This scenario is pretty interesting, as it progresses farther than I thought. I really just thought the scenario would end right after you killed the creature who was in the sewers, but no, the scenario countinues. Custom graphics were designed pretty well, and the plot of getting trapped in these tunnels works pretty well. I have to say that the designer of this scenario did a good job. I can't wait until he releases part 2 of this scenario.


My Rating: GOOD (6)

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It's a mildly interesting scenario with decent pacing and atmospherics, and deepening layers. (Though the first main monster got killed by allies before I even saw it.) Spelling is abysmal, to the point where it's at times challenging to decode sentence meanings. (The random caps speech at certain junctions is painful, too.) A minor annoyance is that while their are opportunities to train and buy food, there is no place to identify items, so you're spending the scenario carting around unidentified junk with no idea as to its usefulness.


Decently diverting.



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Really enjoyed it. Exciting story with mates who accompany your party. Some spelling/grammar is poor but the way it is written is excellent. Enjoyed the graphics. There is a fight that may be difficult for an inexperienced BoE player, but as the ReadMe says run for you dont have to slay it, just release it. At the time of reviewing, I am looking forward to Part Two! (which is now released). GOOD (7).

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