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The Crusaders

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Disclaimer: I am not a frequent BoE player. Take this with a grain of salt.


Content: This is a respectably-sized scenario, though perhaps only by the standards of BoA. It's long enough to be divided into several small chapters.


Story: This is basically a cautionary tale. It works, though I never got all that engaged by the plot. The characters you interact with are a bit flat and stereotypical, but this sometimes works, with your unyielding enemies for instance. I don't know if some of the twists were necessarily.


Pacing: I liked the chapter structure, although one of the chapters seemed a bit less relevant than the others.


Combat: You're provided with a pregen character for this scenario. To succeed in combat, you need to use a scroll system (apparently similar to the potion system in other BoE scenarios). Since I have a hard enough time playing BoE normally, I just made a god party instead. This could be impeccably balanced, it could be way to easy, it could be insanely difficult, I just don't know.


Scripting: Again, it's tough for me to rate the scroll system. It seems nice, but I'm just not familiar enough with what's possible in BoE, and how innovative this actually is.


Aesthetics: I found that the town designs were a bit repetitive, and the outdoor design was very repetitive. I realize that you're in the desert, but the first outdoor section is a nearly featureless oval, and a later one is almost identical.


Overall: Seems nice, and I wish I could put up with BoE more so I could give it the attention it deserves. AVERAGE

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