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Pilgrimage to Thrakos

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Disclaimer: I am not a frequent BoE player. Take this with a grain of salt.


Content: This is a short, very linear scenario. It's got some pretty flavour text, but not much more than that.


Story: Don't expect talkative NPCs in this scenario. Instead, you get some very well written narrative that adds a lot to the experience. The third person perspective of the party was neat.


Pacing: The narrative adds to the excitement. You're also always being thrown into combat, which works in short linear scenarios like this one.


Combat: My first play, as a BoE virgin, had me thinking, "Wow, these goblins mean business. They must be edited." After playing a bit of VoDT, I tried again and realized that the goblins were not as tough as I first thought. Perhaps a BoE veteran could mow down the goblins with ease. I hope this isn't the case, as the story depends on these goblins being unbeatable. The end fight was tough, but that might be because I used up too much SP earlier on, and didn't let the NPCs take hits for me.


Scripting: *shrugs* I don't remember any special tricks, and I don't remember any bugs either.


Aesthetics: The town design for the last fight was a bit wonky; was it necessary to make the player jump through hoops (and possibly go the wrong way) just to get to the fight? Other than that I don't remember any problems.


Overall: Short, but to the point. AVERAGE

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I had difficulty completing this scenario, but I somehow finished. I disagree with previous reviewers saying the combat was boring hack and slash. The combat was challenging and required using strategies I don't normally use. It took me many tries and several party builds, and it was frustrating, but it was satisfying when I hit upon winning strategies for each of the three battles.


The writing was interesting and engaging as well. For such a very short scenario, it packed a lot of flavor.


I wouldn't recommend it to novice players, but for more experienced players, it's a treat.



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