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Goblin Attacks

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I couldn't find any person who could buy my items (other than weapons) in the scenario. If there is one, I'd be glad to know about it...


The town design is nice and I considered that one of the strengths of the scenario. However, there are some things that would require polishing and/or fixing.


There is a lot of stuff with no or little explanation or purpose. For example, in the house of the party, there are many empty rooms with no items or other interesting things (e.g. special nodes) in them. It's not explained, what the background of the party is - for example, why they have got such a big house and a lot of employees. I would have been interested to see more story, more background, more personalities and other things like that in the scenario.


Another thing is balance. In my opinion, the treasures are not distributed in a very balanced way. There's a bit too much of them. (A problem present in many scenarios and called "monty haul".) Maybe a balance-related thing is the distribution of shopkeepers. For example, there's a lack of buying shopkeepers.


Thirdly, there are some minor spelling and other (?) errors in text, for example "alot" should be "a lot". I tend to pay attention to this because it affects the atmosphere and other things.


I think that this scenario could be improved a lot and might get much better ratings (at least from me) by improving these things.



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This was my first scenario in BOE (other than the Vogel ones anyone remember bandit busywork?) and I'm sorry to say, it almost scared me off BOE. The plot makes little sense, there is no real explanation as to why your personal house (manor) is so extensive. Honestly if it's that well stocked, the PCs are probably major nobility. There is no explanation as to why exotic items are found in almost every locale, and the main plot of super tough goblins is in the end defeated by killing their king. No explanation given to why they got so tough or anything else.




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