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As far as I can tell, completely bug-free, and also bland, boring, and tedious. If I didn't know better, I'd think this was made by Jeff Vogel.


Wait, I wouldn't. Even Vogel doesn't make characters that bland and flat - even when those characters are almost all Vahnatai, who, in the Exile trilogy, tended to be exceptionally flat.


To sum it all up: well coded, but badly made.



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To understand this scenario, especially its end, it is necessary to know it was designed as the first part of a series, and that at least another one should follow, one day or another. Once you know this, you won’t be surprised by an amazing and interesting feature, which you’ll find near the end of the scenario. Of course, I won’t tell you more and spoil the surprise.


Though I find this scenario to be good, I think the beginning is one of the weak points. But it’s always hard to design beginning and get the player involved in a new plot. You are wandering in a remote corner of the Honeycomb, but only two little settlements are there, and you really don’t know what you do at this place; then you’re sent in the under caves in Vahnatai lands, and it takes some time before you really know what you must do. So, the plot’s beginning isn’t very addictive.


But most of the game is interesting, with some tough fights and tricky puzzles (the seismological station and the teleporter maze, especially). The dungeons can be nasty, with mean enemies. The plot seems rather common and simple at first sight, but with thorough explorations, you find all is not what it seems, and that’s an evident plus to the scenario.



Another good feature is the custom graphics, who are well done and uncommon for Exile world (at least some creatures’ graphics). At last, you’ll have different endings depending on the fact you did some quests or not.


So, the main weaknesses are the sometimes-hard-to-understand plotline (at the beginning, and the abrupt end, due to the fact it’s only first part of the story), and the fact that some towns aren’t really necessary and don’t offer big interest. But the scenario has some valuable challenges and good ideas in it (enjoy yourself killing hordes of smileys: all you’ve ever dreamed of without daring to do it!). Aftershocks will surely be even more interesting when the sequel will be released.


My score: Good

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