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The Hut of Baba Yaga

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The beginning is quite bland, but the scenario picks up a lot when you actually get inside the hut. I never got the hang of navigation, but the design was an interesting idea. For me, it was the characters that really made it and the final battle with different people coming in with different agendas as the fight went on remains one of my favorite sequences. Good

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The transportation in the hut was annoying. Having to fight three outdoor encounters seemed rather senseless to the extreme. The plot never stuck to me, either. Still, this scenario as a whole was a great ride. The combat never made me want to kill something, and the end sequence... While this scenario didn't give off as much as an aura of implied entertainment as many others that Brett made did, this scenario is far more an artform. While I found it difficult to enjoy this artform, I'm far from ready to discredit it. Good


(PS- Brett! Nyah nyah, your scenarios are bo-ring! tongue )

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I loved all the little stories interwoven within the big plot, and the hut itself was good too. Navagation was difficult, but in a way this is good, it added some fun! My main problem was the outdoor section, It took me DAYS to find the hut! But once you get in the hut, it was great. And like many people, I loved the last sequence. It's not one of Brett's best, but it's still great!

Score: Good

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Totally cool idea


Bonus points for originality here! I loved the indoor navigation, I loved the sub-plots, all the little things there were to collect in the hut. The story of the three ghosts was disturbing but, IMO, extremely interesting. There should definitely be more of these dialogue puzzles - it's much more realistic to have to get a story out of someone than to have to step on the runes in the correct order.

The outdoors were, IIRC, too large and rather unnecessary, but the indoor navigation more than compensated. And Brett certainly knows how to set a mood! His writing style, like Akhronath's, is unique, and though sometimes dialogue comes across as too brief, it is certainly more mysterious and, in the end, IMO, effective. Would have preferred a better backstory, and considering the fact there's a man-eating witch around, a more motivating reason for getting at her than 'you just want to.'



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