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Adventurer's Club 2: Asylum

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Well, first off, hmm. This scenario is (nearly) all-outdoors... Unfortunately (fortunately?), this scenario has minimal action or combat. This scenario focuses mostly on puzzles, and has the all-too-repeated "collect these random 1-10 items to escape/win/kill this random plane/enemy/building" as its focal point. Plot? It works. I don't know if I "got" Grimly, but I've seen far worse. The entire magite part made little-to-no sense... I dunno. Again, I didn't get it. Others might. It's still far from the carrying point of the plot. The characters in this scenario, while far from dramatic, were okay. The graphics used- again, many of them- were good, for the most part. The puzzles, which so are the focal point of the scenario, range from "excellent and unique" to "cliche, annoying, and bad". You'll see things from "chutes and ladders" and an extremely cool shrinking sequence, to such things as "darkness", "sounds used extremely repetitively", and "mazes where you walk alot". Some of the later ones were good; however, and the innovative use in puzzles was great. I'm not a fan of puzzles, but this scenario used them extremely well (despite my ability to cheat the scenario, multiple times).

My biggest (and near-to only) problem is direction, in this scenario. The first sequence where the "real" scenario starts is where the party needs to move a boulder. This requires "guess-what-the-author-thinks" dialogue. Followed by "search every town space available, in a quest for a certain number of items redeemable for that item you need to proceed". This was incarnated many times. There was direction when you actually got some of the keys, but it was bad. You'll need the walkthrough the whole way through, if only to learn where you're supposed to find the keys. Overall, this scenario... Fun, if you like puzzles. I don't, but I still reccomend you at least try it. If you mildly dislike it after a while, give it more time. If you hate it, it might not be for you. If you like puzzles, this will be the perfect scenario for you. I'm rather drawn on the rating, feeling that I'm either over or underestimating, so take that into account when you read this score. And a few more points for summoning bunnies. (Of course, all problems have been solved that ever existed in beta, and I am a shameful person. Happy, shyguy?) winkGood



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If you manage to get through this without the walkthrough or hints, you must love puzzles. Personally, I found the lack of combat and the multitude of puzzles tedious and even irritating. But the scenario is worth playing with the walkthrough. Much is said above. It reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland, or even the Wizard of Oz. Enjoyed the graphics and unusual characters. There is humour and fun. Some highlights: the upside-down house, the shrinking sequence, Judge Babcock's bizarre house, the chutes and ladders vault. The problem for me with the scenario is that all the way, if you miss one detail, you cannot (easily) continue. Even with the walkthrough it is hard work to complete it! But the puzzles are surely easier than the nearly impossible Demon Island II! There is so much that is good. Good.

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Playing this scenario, it becomes very evident that the designer has talent to burn. Unfortunately, he spends a good deal of time doing just that.


The plot itself is little more than a poor excuse for puzzle after puzzle. The same applies to a couple of the characters. The entire scenario is built around the puzzles. But as long as you take it as such and expect nothing else, it's pretty good.


Some of the puzzles were nothing short of astounding. The Vault of Chutes and Ladders took my breath away, as did the shrinking sequence. Others were just plain annoying, requiring endless random searching for some item/secret passage or navigating of invisible mazes. Shyguy has a lot of creative firepower, but he sometimes shoots himself in the foot. Some parts are mind-blowing, the others just make your brain explode.


The good bits were good enough and plentiful enough to make this scenario one of the best out there, but the bad bits drag it down to a somewhat lower level. Regardless, I enjoyed it a lot and recommend it highly - but get the walkthrough.

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I loved it. AC2 is probably the best scenario I’ve played (although that number is small) and defiantly the best non-combat scenario. The puzzles blew me away, and got me to add a few new puzzles to the scenario I was currently designing. It amazed me with its ability to use so many aspects of the BoE engine in its puzzles and required ingenuity to beat. I always felt proud when I got through a puzzle without the walkthrough.



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...I'm going to re-write my review. It doesn't seem like Shyguy is still around, but hey, maybe he'll still see it.




I've never had so much to say on one scenario before. I must love puzzles, because I really liked this scenario a LOT. I was able to get through it without the walkthrough AND beat it with a 5-PC party. I agree with Creator, though, that sometimes Shyguy has lots of firepower, but he shoots himself in the foot.


But first, the many good aspects:


For the most part, the puzzles themselves were fun. Loved the Chutes & Ladders, loved the Two Towers vault, loved the Elements vault, so on. I also think that the scene before the Vault of Horrors was rather well done. That scene (don't know why) freaked me out!


The death scene of Brundig was also well done. It chilled me to see a character I knew well from AC1 and even AC2 die. Unfortunately, it can also be possible to "skip" this scene, and go right on (and Brundig is with you, assuming you killed Montague.) But watching Brundig die was really a well done, chilling scene.


Repeating the Nephil Chief was fun. I liked the flying house. And even though there's generally no point in saying this now, the graphics just rule.


Unfortunately, there's downsides to this scenario as well.


I've had some problems with bugs in this scenario. I don't know why this happens, but sometimes Brundig won't disappear after completing the first 3 vaults. If you don't ask Elmer if the Pogo Stick is finished before it is, once it is finished, Elmer says, "I have no custom items for sale."


Aside from the dangerous bugs that occur sometimes, my main complaint is that in general, the world is centered around your party. For example, in two vaults, you need to use your whole party. But what about the DOCTORS who go through those vaults? Perhaps they have a gumby squad that they take in?


Other examples include having to use Magic Water Skis, Boulder horns, pogo sticks. How does everyone else get past all this? How did Brundig get past the Boulders and the River? How did the woman with the flowers get up the cliff?


Though talking with the Nephil Chief was fun, there's a little Stupid Party Syndrome to start the scenario. Seriously, would you really tell the Nephil Chief that the resort would "create jobs for his people", considering that Brundig told you to tell them something else, that you have to ask him about "money" to trigger that, and it's just a dumb thing to say?


Overall, great graphics, fun to play, and some illogic moments. Most importantly, the ending literally gave me chills.



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