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Quest for the Orbs

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EDIT: You're right, SM. Spiderweb, in all of its punctually prompt glory, has delayed uploading v. 1.0.2. The newest version is a must, seeing how v. 1.0.1 allows the party to travel in the reverse order of time. With the bug fixes, however, this scenario moves up from "poor" to "mediocre". Nothing special, the plot is obviously one by someone who needs much more experience, but it's also a noticable improvement from Goblin Attacks. Maybe it's not worth playing, but at least the designer is moving steadily in the right direction. I'm hopeful SM will make at least one good scenario before he's through in the community. Substandard

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A strange and paradoxical corner of the Empire is the Province of Denmark: quests are completed before you've begun them, yet left unfinished after you've brought them to their conclusion. Perhaps there is a new Stuff May Or May Not Be Done Flag in Blades? In any case, it is difficult to see past the many distracting flaws in the scenario's programming architecture and judge the underlying story. Characters and town design are gestural; combat has the variety and interest of ordering a la carte in Hoxha's Albania; the plot is a sturdy, if anonymous, treasure hunt: a decent preliminary exercise in scenario design, but not much point to play. Indeed, it seems so rushed and unfinished that assigning a ranking is a bit unfair. With more thorough development, it might have made for a reasonably diverting small scenario.


(Refers to version 1.03.)

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