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Trouble in Mendor

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An urban detective mystery-- the only one, except for maybe Election. I enjoyed this one, partly from the novelty of playing a scenario that takes place entirely in town. Overall, this was a lot of fun and clearly took a great deal of effort and imagination on the part of the author. There were some areas where I thought the plot could have been a bit tighter, though. I give it Good

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The plot is almost nonexistant. Main characters take almost no interest in your progress, and despite asking you to report back, most of the time there is no dialog option to do so, and they never offer guidance (Come on Bob, do your job!) Too much wall bashing and keyword guessing, and not enough real plot. Kurza's house would have been cool except that it was so frustrating; but the rest of the side areas were rather bland.


Solid scenario. Nothing blatantly wrong with it, but it's a bit too bland to get really excited about it.


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When I first started Trouble in Mendor by Benjamin Frank I was expecting the usual plot that comes with most scenarios. That means something in the area of go in, hack something up, come out, get my reward, and leave. That’s not what I got.


One of the features that makes Mendor an unusual scenario is the fact that there are no outdoor sections. The entire scenario takes place in the one city. At first explorations, the city seems like an awful small place to be spending the scenario in, but its amazing just how much adventure one can pack into a small city.


The basic plot in Mendor is to rid the city of its pirate problem. It sounds like a simple task, sure, but there is really a long line of puzzles leading up to just that point. The only bad side to this is that some of the puzzles can be quite frustrating for players that are looking to solve them in under half an hour. This tends to scare a lot of players off, but there is that rewarding feeling when you do manage to get through the whole thing that makes it all worth while.


If I told you any parts of the story I’d probably ruin the scenario for you so I’ll just say this: Trouble in Mendor is an all around good scenario if your a diehard BoE player. Its designed for low level parties and is rated PG.


My score - Good

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