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100 Evil Sliths

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This scenario is a parody of bad scenarios.

Good points

- I loved the humour, it was what drove the scenario.


- The plot was ok, but that was part of the scenario. How do you parody scenarios with terrible plots without having a terrible plot? Still, the early plot twist improved the intentional terrible plot to an ok plot.


- The scenario gives itself a unique atmosphere by using very few generic monsters, most of the monsters are custom made and many have custom graphics.


- The battles were a bit drawn out, and there was no opportunity to go to town at the end, but most scenarios offer this opportunity at the beginning.


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This scenario was too funny! It featured the most creative humor! Sure, the plot and the Slith's motives aren't exactly up to par, but that's what makes it hilarious! It was nice that the goblins decided to "go against the designer's wishes" and decide to form an alliance with the humans. Finally some decent goblins!


There were numerous new types of Sliths added to the original mix in this scenario. There's Fire Sliths, Slith Ultramages, Slith Ultrapriests, Slith Dervishes, you name it. It really added to the scenario. They also each at a great custom graphic, which were very good.


You fight a lot of Sliths in this scenario. There's definitely more than 100 I think. The Slith Leader's motives were kind of lame, but that's another point that adds to the scenario's humor.


Sometimes you were presented with options, and they were all very funny options. For example, the party where you steal the Slith's boat to get to their island.


Overall, this is a scenario who's plot and dialogue might be a bit lame, but the way it makes fun of that lame plot is what makes the scenario hilarious and fun to play. It was pretty fun.


My Rating: Good

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