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The Fifth Tower of Magi (Utility)

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S M Adventurer


It is an excellent Exile 3 Tower of Magi replica as it is almost like the real tower. It may not have preset dialogue but the Tower's physical structure is very good. This tower should be considered for use in a upcoming scenario.


My Rating: BEST (9)

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Best Tower of Magi utility available. While the E3 tower was not my favorite version, this utility is an almost exact replica of it with items and specials already set up. From a designer's point of view, the PC's already set up for unspecified dialogue is a timesaving bonus. I highly reccomend it for Exile scenarios that fit the time it would exsist.


I'm trying to think of anything it lacks as a utility that would be grounds for bringing down the score... the only thing I can think of is better documentation in the readme about what SDF's and nodes were used. A complete list would be nice for a designer to work with. Other than that it's practically perfect.


BEST (9.7)

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