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Lost Hope

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It's an interesting work, that's for sure. Like many scenarios, for being a linear adventure, it is a bit too open. This is a problem, though the walkthrough fixes that (though I assure you, under no normal circumstances would I have discovered some of the parts needed to win). Nodework is okay... Custom graphics are not used, nor are many of the towns designed well. Regardless, this is a fairly good scenario. While details are spotty, the plot is rather loose. The end became rather spotty as well, but overall, the entire adventure was okay. It's not all that long, and I reccoment you try it out. Good

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It's a long time since I played it but I enjoyed it too. I played it through two or three times maybe three years ago and it has been one of my favorites.


EDIT: I fixed the score once. The reason was that I had forgotten some things, like how tiresome the last towns were. Too many wandering monsters. But I still like the puns very much. And everything else.

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This was a hard scenario to rate. The outside and the towns made it seem like the scenario was but a vehicle for the author's punishing sense of humor. Most of the dungeons, however, were played straight. This inconsistency of swerving and veering from one tone to another was the scenario's greatest flaw.


The humor was ... a lot better than I was dreading at first. The obligatory overused Monty Python references are few. Many of the puns (Sign says: Keep alert, we need more lerts) are bad in a good way. Even better is that the author layers the jokes. A number of them do not call attention to themselves until you look more closely. You aren't necessarily going to look at the top of the conversation screen and make much of the forest ranger's wife being named Mrs. Gump; and when you argue with the philospher Socrates, at one point in the conversation his reply includes the classic "I think not," conversation ends, and he vanishes without fanfare. It's this kind of layering (like having all gold and food in units of unlucky 13) that indicates this humor was a labor of love. Most importantly, the scenario is short, so it doesn't outstretch its welcome with lamer and lamer material.


The game play balance is good. The dungeons are okay, aside from the fact that they're relatively humorless, save the one hidden dungeon. Nodes are really only used for puzzles, which are of minimal complexity. (Though the walkthrough was helpful to get that one riddle.) The combat balance is okay, though nothing spectacular. The treasure balance is fine. It can also be easily played with a party at half the levels advertised.


Despite inconsistent tones, it's a gag scenario that shouldn't even cause nausea.



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