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The Duke of Rahaxy

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This scenario has a decent-paced plot that will keep you hookd- to say the least, its middle and end are decent. However, when playing, I found it difficult to take the beginning of the scenario seriously. I mean, crazy cultists? It's obvious that this scenario has enough going for it without a tacky sidequest you have to do for no apparent reason. Still, that's a minor complaint. The plot isn't the greatest, but it has a nice feel of middle-age France if you actually get into it. Unfortunately, this is fairly difficult to do. Combat is on the easy side, I don't think anyone should have any problems with it. Nodes are used to make the scenario flow, but there really was nothing special about it. Playing with 1 PC results in a bit of confusion at the end (how can one PC go rescue the hostages while the others distract the usurper if there are no others?). Do I reccomend it to you? Yeah- and if the beginning feels like it sucks, deal with it. There's a fairly good scenario in store, if you're able to actually get to the main plot at all. Good

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