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Terrors Martyr


I can understand it's not being finishable, if it's an extremely enjoyable ride with excellent skill used before then, as well as such things like "plot" or "nodes". Unfortunately, this scenario had close-to-nil in both.



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Bruce Mitchell


Moderators, please remove my earlier post (Bruce Mitchell).


When I first tried to play this scenario, got stuck (see portculli tip later).

Years later, managed to finish it. Found the plot not that easy to follow, but after a few plays became understandable and enjoyable. Felt it could have been simplified or streamlined or made much slicker to get a much higher rating. Note that portcullisses can be opened with the unlock spell!! A few places where links are not working (e.g. Randalls Keep). Way too many wandering monsters = tedious repetitive outdoor fights. Still too rough. AVERAGE (5).

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