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Bandits Review


English and Grammar


"the lure of a 1,000 gold prize" Gold what? Pieces?


"you heard an add." That's ad, not add. And you don't normally hear an ad (unless a town crier announces it), you read an ad.


Semi-foul language used.



Good use in Richie's Pet Shop.



"Hi I'm Richie. I sell animals." I'd like a bit more that this flat, 2-dimensional conversation.




Items don't combine (catnip).




OK, but most side quests are not obviously tied into the plot. For example the nearby Drake lair. Why don't the townspeople at least comment on this menace?


Good branching is built into this scenario. The results of prior actions do affect later outcomes; something many players consider quite important in a BoE scenario.


Here exists a great chance to educate the players on the real Marx, Putnin, etc., either in the scenario itself or as a supplemental web page.



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An interesting plot with quite a few twists, fairly good use of nodes, only a few minor bugs, fun quests and fun puzzles.


However, the combat was just plain unbalanced. The trophies, for example, were supposed to be 'very difficult'. Well, they're actually melee warriors, with no spellcasters to back them up whatsoever, and they aren't exceptionally strong either, thus making them pushovers. The same can be said for most town battles - most are way too easy, especially Pinochet, who really should have been given some magical abilities. The ambush, although easier that the readme says, was pretty good.


The toughest battles definetely occur outdoors - I didn't even bother to try to defeat the wandering encounters near the brigand lair; although I could probably have done it with a bit of reloading, it seemed kind of pointless - the rewards just didn't seem worth the trouble. And then there's the secret PETA fight. Ouch. My six-PCs level 1 party got wiped out several times, but I eventually beat it through heavy abuse of haste, strength, bless, resist magic, and web. I could have fled, but I really wanted to see if I could beat it. I also got a lot of gold from it. Probably my favorite battle in the scenario.


Overall, it's a fairly fun short scenario, but it definetely needed more gameplay balance.



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This is the scenario by TM that fully introduces the Rakahasi basis in it. Featuring some superb noding sequences, interesting dialogue, nice town design, and great custom graphics, it's a scenario that will get you hooked. My favorite noding sequences were the Trophies coming alive and all the animal sounds in the pet shop in Birmington. Marx was a pretty cunning character as well. Overall, I really like this scenario.


My Rating: Good

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