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Blades of Exile

A discussion about our powerful open source game and scenario editor combination, Blades of Exile.

Blades of Exile

Getting Blades

Whilst the original game no longer runs on modern systems, since the release of the code under the GNU GPL, the development community has been able to make this archaic code run fine on 32- and 64-bit computers:


Windows users

  • Installer for CBoE.
  • Experimental 64-bit game binaries - Don't use these if you don't have a 64-bit machine. Use the installer above, then swap out the binaries for these.
  • Experimental/beta Windows builds here. (May have trouble on XP or in WINE.)


Mac users

  • Intel Mac build available here. No character editor.
  • PPC Mac build available here.
  • Experimental/beta Mac builds here. (Won't run on older Macs.)


Original Blades

A lot of users express interest in running the original version of BoE, that came from SW. While this is possible on older machines or with extreme emulation/virtualization, it is not recommended. The community here can only offer limited amounts of support for this version. A registered version of the original BoE can be downloaded from SW's site

Help and Documentation
The documentation is currently available in HTML format at the following links: Game Documentation and Editor Docs. We are currently in the process of porting this to a format handy for packaging within the game.

Download new scenarios from TrueSite, the most comprehensive archive available. Not sure which one to play? Check out the CSR, now hosted here at the forums. Don't forget to rate them after you've played!





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