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  1. I knew that! It's still massive, so my point still doesn't work. Sig changed. Sorry.
  2. But when you consider that OaStA was Alcritas' debut... And then AtG was Stareye's... Um. Never mind.
  3. Can we get a banner on the BoE page saying BLADES IS STILL ALIVE! REALLY! with a link to the Lyceum? Thanks.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Wham Bam Shizam: In response to your comment Rosie, I do think that Jeff Vogel deserves SOME respect. I mean without him, we wouldn't be here on this webboard. Certianly he doesn't deserve the respect of The Creator and TM and company, but some at least. And, a good friend of mine's last name is Vogel as well. Of course he does. From us, he deserves as much respect as I do from you or you do from me. That's just common civility. But when he's buggered people around like that, he loses a certain amount of that right.
  5. And you have thirteen posts, LF. WBS: Re your comment about how cool it is that somebody would send JV such a letter - No offense, but why? Jeff isn't god or anything. He isn't an authority figure and he certainly doesn't deserve the respect of designers of Shyguy's (or TM's, or the Creator's) caliber.
  6. Takers all the way, considering the damage done to the serviles. But I sided with the Awakened out of my robotic instincts that forgiveness is preferable to revenge and violence is just wrong.
  7. Mass Sanctuary + Bless + lots of tolerance for boring hacking = infallible solution
  8. Quote: Originally written by The Great 4808: Who has noticed that the last two fields to the right of Alec's post count are written backwards? Or is it just me again. Everyone noticed that. A while back. I think in my photos thread.
  9. You've contributed your incredible personality, Alec. And introduced the 'commentary scenario'. That's quite enough from you.
  10. *claps for all* Jeff must know how good some of the scenarios out there are. He judged the first contest, and people improve with time. With Tatterdemalion and Nephil's Gambit made in the first year of Blades, anyone with half a brain knows even better stuff will come with time. How can he keep pulling all this "AUGHAUGAUGH YOU WILL NEVER ACHIEVE TEH MASTERWORKS AS FUN 2 PLAY AS BANDIT BUSYWORK SO I SHAL NOT GIVE U TEH TOOLS" bull****? Man. He said on that thread, and admittedly it was a while ago, that he needed non-designer players to ask for things. WELL, MISTER VOGEL, I THINK YOU SHOULD CHANGE THINGS, IF YOU EVER READ THIS THREAD, WHICH YOU LIKELY WON'T. x non-designer Rosycat
  11. But it hasn't been updated for two-three years or thereabouts. I like milu's site for new graphics, but mostly I just pull graphics out of other peoples' scenarios (where permission is given).
  12. IoB? Funny, that was the scenario TM smited me for ranking really low, saying I was a newbie stomping all over his scenarios. Heh.
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